How to Set Up a Perfume Bar at a Bridal Shower


Looking for a unique bridal shower activity that blends BFF fun with a sophisticated flair? Then, we highly recommend a Perfume or Fragrance Bar. Imagine giving a roomful of lovely ladies the chance to concoct their own custom blend of scents, and take these home in pretty perfume bottles as favors!

To guide you with the setup, we’re featuring fab examples of DIY scent stations – followed by a handy how-to checklist and our product picks of fragrance bar essentials. Your bridal shower guests are going to love this! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Styling Ideas for Setting Up a Perfume Bar

From casual to glam, from vintage to modern, here are 7 variations for creating a scents station at your event.

The approach to take would be influenced by the space available, the ambiance of the shower venue, and how formal or casual your gathering will be.


You could opt for a minimalist setup (1, 4, 5) with a simple table covered with a solid black, blush, or white cloth – and the perfume vials and supplies arranged on a tray with a sign or cards to guide the guests. Decorative touches could be a floral centerpiece, a small potted plant, or a single giant balloon.

Want something a bit more elaborate? You could go for a wider array of scented oils, plus varied bottles and supplies (2) presented on mirrored sheets. Your containers could be extra special, such as apothecary jars for the scents selection (6) and vintage perfume bottles for filling and taking away as favors.

Planning on a themed look? Create a fanciful vintage motif (3) decorated with lush rose arrangements, fancy glassware, and lacey linens.

Credits: 1 – Julianne Hough / 2 – via Pinterest / 3 – KMA Events (Instagram) / 4 – Holtwood Hipster / 5 – Desiree Hartsock / 6 – The Scentarium (YouTube)

DIY Fragrance Bar: To-Do Checklist

Here is a basic approach to planning for a fragrance bar:

  1. Do your research. Read up or consult a reputable source on skin-safe scented oils that can be handled and blended without risk of allergies or other harmful effects. Be guided by this information when buying your perfume bar needs.
  2. Buy ahead. Stock up on either a complete, ready-to–use Perfume Bar Kit (see our product picks below), or buy the needed supplies separately: larger bottles for displaying essential oils, smaller empty bottles for guests to fill, droppers, pipettes, funnels, paper towels, sticker labels, and favor pouches.
  3. Print a perfume blending guide. To help your guests, type up a step-by-step procedure for how to combine scented oils, plus 2 or 3 sample “recipes” to follow. Print these out as signs or small cards.
  4. Set up a table or counter. Be sure there is enough space for guests to comfortably gather round, whether seated or standing.
  5. Prepare display elements. With or without a tablecloth, set out trays or platters to hold the perfume supplies. For varied heights, you can use tiered racks, cake stands, even boxes covered with fabric or doilies.
  6. Arrange supplies. Lay out the bottles of scented oils, empty vials, decanting/blending supplies, signs/cards of the blending procedure, and your chosen favor packaging.
  7. Add decorations. Pretty up the presentation with flower arrangements or potted plants, ribbons, bunting, balloons, confetti or loose petals.
  8. Provide hand towels, tissue, and aprons for guests. Some oils can stain clothes easily, so an apron would be helpful, but optional.

Perfume Bar Basics: Our Team’s Picks

Taking our cue from the fabulous sample stations above, we put together a selection of items as the base for assembling your own fragrance bar.

Start with these essentials, then add on whatever decorative elements you fancy to suit your theme!


1 – Mouth-blown Genie Perfume Bottles, Set of 10 – Sold by Crafts Of Egypt and Fulfilled by Amazon.


2 – Sweet Set of 14 Premium Grade Fragrance Oils – From P&J Trading, via Amazon


3 – Riverrun Fragrance Decanting Kit for Perfume (2 measuring tubes, 5 funnels, 20 transfer pipettes) – Ships from and sold by Riverrun, via Amazon


4 – Elana Mirrored Tray – via Pier1 Imports


5 – Luxury Perfumes Framed Print – via Zazzle


6 – Vintage Rose Sachet Bags – a Bellenza SHOP exclusive


7 – Basic Perfume Kits – Ships from and sold by Vetiver Aromatics LLC  via Amazon

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    I order a complete Perfume Bar from Wicked Good for my best friend’s wedding shower five years ago. It was so fun, everyone still talks about it. The kit included everything from the roller bottles, perfume base, custom notes, blending tips. The owner was kind even to customize notes for her favorite things. She loves horses and this was a farm wedding. She incorporated notes like: fresh hay, clover patch, vintage leather and barnwood. It was so much fun. She created custom labels for the bottles. Everyone loved this so much!

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