Summer Color Palettes for Outdoor Weddings

Summer wedding color palettes

Summer is a celebration of color! At this time of year, nature is just brimming with every hue under the sun (literally!). Which means we have a fabulous array of colors to choose from for our summer parties.

Here, we share with you four of our favorite palettes for outdoor eventsโ€”whether these are held in full sunshine or on a sultry summer evening under the stars. Each set creates a mood of its ownโ€”hopefully providing inspiration for your own upcoming celebration!

Hawaiian Luau Celebration

Luau color palette
Fuchsia + Pink + Foliage Green + Yellow + Naturals and Neutrals

Talk about a verdant tropical forest transplanted onto a luau party tablescape! A row of towering centerpieces brings in the green through lush foliage, while natural elements such as wood, bamboo, seashells, pebbles, and sand add the browns, beiges, and neutral tones. Bromeliad blooms in striking fuchsia and sunny yellow place cards in seashell holders provide splashes of color so typical of a tropical scene!

Floral tip: In place of bromeliads, you could also use fuchsia orchids or bougainvillea to go with the luau theme.

Havana Themed Garden Party

Havana themed party
Aqua + Chocolate Brown + Green + Orange + Yellow

Heat things up Havana-style with an unexpected base color for this palette: aqua. Laying this out via the party table cloths makes sure it gets noticed and sets an upbeat mood for the occasion. Chocolate brown napkins (rolled up to mimic Cuban cigars!) and palm tree place cards add a rich, warm contrast. Then, nature steps in with touches of orange and green via bird-of-paradise blooms and fresh garden leaves.

Floral tip: If bird-of-paradise flowers aren’t available, bromeliads, carnations, parrot tulips, and calla lilies also come in bright orange.

Daisy-themed Summer Picnic

Summer gerbera theme
Lime Green + Orange + Cobalt Blue + Lilac + Ivory

What could be more summery than the bursts of color we know and love as gerbera daisies? In hot orange, they bring a cheerful vibrancy to fun outdoor occasions like a summer picnic or family cookout. Hints of freshness come in via mint green ribbons, fresh leaves, even decorative glass pebbles. And for a softer golden orange tone, how cute are live goldfish swimming around in globe-shaped bowls?

Floral tip: You can also substitute orange dahlias or carnations, or even whole citrus fruits to create the same cheery effect.

Palm Beach Seaside Soiree

Havana themed party
Sky Blue + Fuchsia + Green + Sand + Ivory

This refined color palette channels the style and luxury of Palm Beach for a seaside celebration. A sky blue table cloth echoes the cloudless horizon on a perfect summer day. Then, that same serene mood is extended through crisp ivory place settings, surrounded by table decorations in muted neutralsโ€”a sand-colored runner, seashell place frames, and candles on beds of beach sand. Finally, a burst of color comes courtesy of fuchsia bougainvillea centerpieces at mid-table.

Floral tip: To capture that same fuchsia hue, try orchids, azaleas, lilies, or dahlias in place of the bougainvillea.

You can certainly see why we love these palettes that capture the spirit of summer. Have you made your choice yet? What’s your favorite color palette? Tell us!



  1. Finally decided on wedding colors or canary yellow Tiffany blue and silver. The groom will likely wear a gray suit…I wld like to if possible have a little touch of yellow w my white dress maybe a belt or something. Calla lilies I love. Really need help how to incorporate these colors into our wedding party etc??? Who or what shld have which color lol help plz

  2. I’d love to have an orange color scheme with navy blue. The problem is how do I convince my mom that having orange bridesmaid dresses won’t look like a tacky Sunkist orange wedding!

  3. Samantha (Bride 2013)

    Could you suggest what would be a better color combo? Navy blue and fuchsia or navy blue and pink? I’m torn between a hot pink and pastel one because pastel might not look age-appropriate when paired with navy blue.

  4. Hi Kia — You chose a lovely wedding palette! For the touch of yellow on your dress, maybe you can consider having it on the handle wrap of your calla lily bouquet or in a floral accent in your hair.

    Then, your bridesmaids would look so pretty in canary yellow dresses with touches of Tiffany blue in ivory bouquets — or the other way around, Tiffany blue dresses with yellow in their bouquets (depends on which would better suit your wedding location and time of day).

    Finally, the gentlemen of the wedding party could all be in grey suits, but the groom in a different shade of grey perhaps to set him apart? Then, you could have all of them wear yellow ties with their suits, with just a touch of Tiffany blue in their boutonnieres. Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Maria — Actually, a navy blue and orange combo is quite popular at weddings today. Maybe your mom just needs to warm up to the idea! Perhaps if you show her pictures from weddings with pretty orange bridesmaids’ dresses, she’ll be convinced.

    Or if she really objects, you might try navy blue bridesmaids’ dresses with bright orange bouquets. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi Samantha — I personally think navy blue and fuchsia make a better combination for a wedding. Simply because navy is such a strong color that fuchsia seems to “hold its own” against it, being a bold color itself!

    What you could do, though, to balance them out is to make one more dominant while the other is an accent. For instance, all navy suits for the gentlemen with fuchsia boutonnieres. Then, fuchsia dresses for the bridesmaids with ivory bouquets with navy handle wraps. Happy planning! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi! Thanks for taking my question. I was wondering if there’s any way at all to make ultramarine (that unbelievably deep blue that’s almost purple) look warm and inviting.

  8. Hi Candice — Wow, ultramarine would be a great dramatic statement at a wedding! About how to make it look warm and inviting, I’m guessing you’re considering it as either the color for your bridesmaids’ dresses or your reception table linens?

    Ultramarine dresses for the bridesmaids could be paired with bouquets of soft, creamy ivory flowers and muted greenery (like dusty miller). Then, for the reception, you could go really dramatic with ultramarine table cloths and then centerpieces similar to the bouquets. Or have all the tables with ivory settings and just ultramarine accents like the napkins, table numbers, place cards, chair decor and favor packaging. Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hi! My mom wants to wear aqua blue on my wedding day.and I want my bouquet to be pink carnations, peony and tulips. I’m wondering what colors my entourage and my principal sponsors can be? Will pink gowns for the entourage and champagne for the principal sponsors goes well together? I’m having a hard time to think for my theme and colors.

  10. Hi Lindy — With the choice of aqua for your mom and pink for your bouquet, I would suggest very soft pink for the bridesmaids’ gowns and maybe a slightly deeper pink for your principal sponsors. However, if the sponsors would prefer not to wear pink, your option of champagne would be a lovely neutral color for them. Happy planning! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. My wedding colors are hot pink, orange, and green, with a white base. I was going to have my bridesmaids each in a diff color with the groomsmen vests matching. Their flowers would be white, while mine would be the mixture of the 3 colors. The tables would also have white base with a runner in the middle each table with a diff color if my 3. Do you think this is too much color? Do you think having 3 diff dress colors would make them look like highlighters?? It is an afternoon wedding in the summer and I want it to be bright and cheerful!

  12. My fiance and I are getting married next spring. The reception site that we both like is on a military base and the carpet and much of the decor is navy blue and red. I don’t really want a military theme to our wedding and I would like to add a bright color to coordinate but not sure what a good match would be. We’re getting married outside and I want everything to flow well and go together.

  13. Hi, i’m having my wedding next yr may 2013 in the Philippines with my color motif burgundy wine and Champagne, I was wondering if you have any images on bouquets and reception styling and any other suggestion to add for my color palette.
    Our reception is a travel theme wedding mixed with our love story which in summary is high school sweethearts born in different parts of the world but was somehow brought together, but I don’t want the styling to be so literal, more of a romantic vintage feel to it, please help


  14. Is baby pink,baby blue and lavender are good combination,for a wedding?

    Thank you.

  15. Hi Rowena!

    Those3 pastel colors are very pretty together. But to avoid a “little girl’s party” look at your wedding, I would suggest having elegant ivory as the base color and using these 3 in accents like the bridesmaids’ bouquets and the table centerpieces.

    Or your bridesmaids could each wear a dress in baby pink, baby blue and lavender; then carry all-ivory bouquets. While your bouquet could be a combination of ivory and the 3 colors. Hope these suggestions help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hello!

    I’m trying to choose our wedding colors and at first we thought red and white or cream, but I feel there needs to be another color in there, and I was thinking maybe tiffany blue? not a lot of it though, mostly red and cream…then little trims or detail being tiffany blue? Our wedding is in July 2013. I don’t want it to look too patriotic, and I couldn’t find any examples of these colors together. If you don’t think this looks good, then what else do you think would look nice with the cream and red?

    Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Hi Amber! Your choice of red and cream with touches of tiffany blue is a nice spin on your July wedding date. But since you did mention not wanting a too “patriotic” look, our suggestions for other color schemes would be: red-cream-camel, red-cream-matte gold (just little touches here and there); red-cream-butter yellow; red-cream-grey; or red-cream-black for something dramatic!

    One resource we love when it comes to color choices is: Check it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Hi there!

    Our wedding is on July 2013. We’re thinking of a garden wedding. But Im having difficulty on how to decorate the venue. How can I achieve a somewhat enchanted-garden wedding theme? I’d like to have it in the late afternoon so the reception will be in the evening. Do you have any suggestions? My favorite color is pink. How can I incorporate this color on the decors esp at the reception.. please help. Thanks!

  19. Hi Elaine! Well, you’re in luck…your idea of a garden theme and your favorite color pink are a perfect fit!

    If you can find a garden venue for both the ceremony and reception in one, that would be a huge savings right there. Plus the garden itself in summertime will likely be blooming with flowers (hopefully mostly pink!), so you can take advantage of these as the loveliest natural decorations! If you’d like more pink, you can add this via the table cloths and settings, the centerpieces and chair decor.

    For the enchanted garden effect, the easiest and prettiest way to achieve this is to hang white “firefly” lights from the trees and among the garden plants. So come reception time in the evening, you simply switch these on and enjoy the magic! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. dear liz, my wedding will be this coming december 2012. we plan to use the color sapphire blue with silver accent as our color motiff… would that be a fine combination? what then would be a perfect theme using such colors? by the way, my wedding will be in the Philippines. thanks!


  22. Hello Emma — Hope this reply still reaches you in time for your December wedding! Sapphire blue and silver would make a very elegant combination.

    In fact, the colors themselves could be your “theme” unless you have something specific in mind that is special to you and your groom (for example, you might try a “starry night” theme using the sapphire blue and silver, if it will be an evening wedding)..

  23. Hello Karn — Since you mentioned that this will be a fall wedding, perhaps the lime green dress could be replaced with a sage green one more suited to the season. Or you could also opt for a navy blue long dress, but in a different style from that of the mother of the bride?

  24. Hello, I’m getting married in April and have chosen a seamist green as the main color with silver as an accent. Can you suggest another color that will compliment the green? Thanks!

  25. Hi,
    My groom will be wearing navy (he wants to wear his dress uniform) and I’m trying to coordinate wedding colours with this. I think I’d like the groomsmen in grey. Any suggestions for a colour palette other than the traditional navy-silver-white?

  26. Hi Vonda — We love seamist green, too! With silver as one accent color, the other we’d suggest would be a very pale peach or apricot — which could appear in the lovely bouquets and the gents’ boutonnieres. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. what shade of the color blue works better with yellow or gold?

  28. Hello, Ernie — A lot depends on what theme you’re planning and what the wedding location will be. I personally favor the softer blues (like Tiffany blue, duck egg blue, or even a dusty powder blue) which all go well with yellow or gold. But if you want something more vibrant and dramatic, navy blue, midnight blue, or teal would also look fabulous!

    Hope these options help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. hi.. would it be possible to combine tangerine, olive green and powder blue as color motif?

  30. Hi! my colour scheme is emerald green, cream and silver, should i add any other color to that to make it perfect? what colours should i use with emerald green?

  31. Hi Fiona — Three main colors for your wedding palette is actually a wise way to go. More than that might make the look too ‘busy’. I’m imagining, then, that your bridal bouquet will be basically cream flowers? If so, maybe a way to make your bouquet stand out from the rest would be to add touches of peach or coral blooms.

    Then, at the reception, maybe you could repeat those touches in the table centerpieces, the cake, and the wedding favors. But keeping the main palette of emerald, cream, and silver.

    All best wishes for your wedding!

  32. Hello my reception is inside of a building with lime green walls and medium brown wood floors. The wedding date is in Nov 13 and therefore we need fall colors. I wanted something in the orange family, maybe a cocoa brown and I’m not sure on the last color sage or cream? Also I really wanted hints of purple throughout…. Help please!

  33. Hi Risse — The lime green walls at the reception venue sort of ‘limit’ you to a safe (but still very lovely) palette choice of cocoa brown, sage, and cream. Anything too orange-y would risk clashing with the lime green.

    But since you mentioned that you really want hints of purple, we’d suggest tucking in sprigs of purple/plum berries among the cream florals in your bouquets, boutonnieres, and table centerpieces. A nice fall-like touch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. I love sunflowers. I love bright colors. I’m not sure how to tastefully combine them! I love citris colors like lime, lemon, orange and i need something to tone them down like tan or nude? I want bright red and sunflower yellow to pop. can you send me a color palette? HELP!!


  35. the colors for thre bridal shower are lavander, soft yellow and mint green .The table cloths are the yellow ,what color should the curtains be

  36. Hello Cheryl! You don’t mention what season of the year your wedding will be — or if this is just a party or a wedding reception. But I would suggest that you choose only one focal point for a pretty effect.

    For example, a palette of citrus colors is fresh and lovely in itself. So you can work within that. OR you can opt for the more rustic/barn wedding look of sunflowers and red accents.

    For inspiration, you can view these 2 posts:

    Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Hi Tina! Since a bridal shower is usually a relaxed, intimate gathering, you can feel free to play around with your chosen palette.

    Just to keep things looking “pulled together,” though, I would suggest that you keep the curtains neutral (maybe ivory or cream) and concentrate on using your pastel colors for the table setting and maybe the food/dessert buffets. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I am having a formal fall wedding my colors are burnt orange chchoc brown cream some green burgundy . can you please help!!! Bridesmaids chocolate brown dresses maid of honor burnt orange matron of honor chocolate brown . groomsmen chocolate brown with matching burnt orange vest and tie what color shirt should they wear ? What abount the groom and best man.

  39. Hello Leola! From your message, it seems that you will have a lovely autumn-themed palette. I would suggest that the groomsmen’s shirts be a very pale mocha (white would be too stark).

    If you’d like to have the groom stand out from the groomsmen, you could either switch around and have him in the chocolate brown suit, and the best man and all the groomsmen in camel- or mocha-colored suits. Or the groom in the lighter color and the rest of the gents in chocolate brown. It also depends on what will look best paired with your wedding dress!

  40. Hi, I just wanted to know if chocolate brown and mint green is a good colour combination and is there another colour that can be added to it?

  41. What color goes best with Burgundy for gown and accessories for a wedding occassion?

  42. my wedding is a masquerade theme, i want my man color to be plum, our venue for reception is gold, so there for making the colors plum and gold. I was wondering what other color could be used?

  43. Hello Tosha.

    A masquerade theme usually calls for jewel tones. So in addition to your plum and gold, you could add touches of turquoise, ruby, emerald. But we’d suggest using these sparingly, as accents only — since plum is very elegant as your main color. Have a lovely wedding!

  44. I am getting married next year April but I have a problem with my colours. i am thinking of pallet 1 and green as the base colour. What colour of the shoes should i and my bride`s maid go for. And what about the decorations, how much of orange and yellow should i use and where in particular.

  45. Hi Emily! If you’re going for palette 1, it’s usually best to use the lightest colors (pale yellow/neturals/peach) for you and your bridesmaids’ r shoes. As for the decorations, you can subtly inject your oranges and yellows into your bouquet, centerpieces, escort cards or even in your venue lighting. Just make sure that the colors are evenly spread out and you stick with one tone for each color in the palette ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations on your wedding!

  46. Hello. I’m getting married on Aug 9. My colors are eggplant, apple green and ivory either minimal silver accents.

    My bridesmaids will wear eggplant dresses with silver shoes and silver jewelry.
    My 2 flower girls will wear ivory dresses with apple green sash and will carry apple green pomanders.
    My dress is ivory

    My mom went and purchased a mocha mother of bride dress, I don’t get it? What color should I ask fiancรฉ mom to wear?

    Can you also advise on where I can incorporate more green, I don’t want to drown everything out with purple?

    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  47. Hi Tangie! First things first, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! ๐Ÿ™‚ Since your mother bought a mocha dress, I think it’ll be great if your fiance’s mom’s dress would complement it. It’ll show consistency and cohesiveness in the entourage. You can go for lighter shades like sand, pale yellow or tan. As for incorporating green into your wedding, you can consider adding more greens in your venue design. You can top your tables with green calla lilies, hydrangeas and viburnum in clear glass vases, or you can also hang them as ceiling floral decor. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope this helps! Thanks for dropping by and have fun on your preparations โ™ฅ

  48. Hello,

    I am actually getting married in February 2015. At first I was thinking that I would like to go with Navy, Burlap and Ivory. It will be a vintage themed wedding. I love the burlap but truthfully I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I am now thinking Navy, Caramel (if that is a color, I was trying to stick with the color of the burlap) and Ivory with lots of lace and pearls. Am I headed in the right direction?

    I should add that my groom is wearing a white Army Dress uniform and his best man is wearing the Army ASU (which is dark). My bridesmaids will be wearing navy chiffon dresses and I haven’t decided on white or ivory for my dress. I am also having a hard time deciding what the other groomsmen should wear.

    The reception hall and chapel will not be decorated by me. I will be making the flowers.

  49. Hi Im looking and good colour combinations to go with a wine colour its for our wedding theme apprecaite your advise on the same.

  50. Hi

    I am getting married on August 2014. As for my beginning to plan my perfect and memorable wedding day, i would prefer to have a garden wedding concept, but I dont know what color to match as i would prefer more to combination of pastel colors. Its soft, not too striking. Can you help me to find the best combination of colors that can complete my wedding day? As it would be the main thing to lighten up my big day …

    Thank You.

  51. Nicole:

    Navy blue, ivory, and burlap is a great color combo. You can add touches of yellow or chartreuse. Adding pearls and lace would create an elegant vintage-look! The groomsmen can wear light tan or light brown vests that would make the scene look very romantic! For flowers, you may opt for soft blooms like ivory roses, callas, or if you want to use yellow, sunflowers are nice, too. Hope this helps!


    A wine color would be gorgeous! Consider a color combo of wine (burgundy), grape green, and touches of gold. The gold would be optional, if you prefer something less rustic. You may also want to try burlap which matches great with wine. Another good color to match with wine is hunter green. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck! We’d love to see how your wedding turns out. You may want to check out the board we created for a rustic wine country wedding: – the color combo uses purples, dark pinks, and green with wood and burlap textures ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nurul Ezzaty:

    A good starting point is to ask yourself what style of a garden wedding concept. Do you want it to be glamourous, vintage-inspired (ala Gatsby), or rustic (think woodlands). You can also apply a modern approach. If you go with soft pastels like mint green and peach, lemon yellow and lavender, or lilac and pink, these colors tend to blend well regardless of the style! Our own inspiration board in mint green and gold shows you a glam take on a garden wedding:

  52. Hello, I am having a late September 2014 wedding and I am torn on colours. I really like the usual chocolate brown, deep red and orange but I’d like to add a different colour to make it a bit different. I was thinking of a navy blue just as an accent colour (like ribbon around flowers etc) but I think it may be too many colours. Thank you.

  53. how well can i combine teal and burnt orange color for my wedding.will it be perfect.

  54. Hello Amber. You could try adding a hue of green (as in with some yellow hues, too). Blue would clash with the chocolate brown and would be a bit off. The palette of brown, deep red, and orange would go lovely with some greens. Very similar to the color of changing leaves in autumn. Some rustic touches like burlap, muslin, or rope would be great as well.

    Hello Deola. Teal and burnt orange is a great color combo. You can go either way with a dark or light palette depending on your personal taste. A light palette would be nice for summer, since you can find many beautiful blooms in shades of orange like mums, daisies, roses, and gardenias. Your bridesmaids can wear pretty teal silk shantung dresses which would add a cool contrast to orange!

  55. My parents are celebrating their thirty years marriage anniversary and will be renewing their vows. What colors would you recommend for the ceremony.

    Thank you

  56. Congrats! What a beautiful accomplishment! Since 30th wedding anniversary is the pearl wedding anniversary celebration, why not consider a color combination of pearl, ivory, and silver. You can add touches of silver as highlights. Flowers can be ivory such as callas, stephanotis, or roses! Pearl is such as beautiful color and you can even incorporate a light hue of pink, which would look absolutely stunning against silver. Either modern or vintage, this light color palette should work beautifully.

    If you prefer a darker palette, you can go with a vintage look in pink, black, and white with touches of pearls as decorations! You can view a table setting with this example:

    Hope this helps!

  57. Hi there. Do you think red and purple will match? Everyone I know says that it’s ugly, but is it?

  58. Please am so confused my wedding is this June and am torn within colors don’t actual know what to use.

  59. Hi Rhona. I’m assuming you’re asking about these colors for a wedding? If so, it would be pretty unusual — and challenging — to have these 2 bold colors together. But then again, it depends on how you apply them!

    One approach would be to go for a theme that’s pretty “out there” — like maybe a carnival, masquerade or fiesta theme? Then, these colors would fit right in! Or we’d suggest that you select just one of these colors as your main one, then apply the other in minor touches here and there.

    For more ideas on using red or purple at a wedding, you might like to check out these 2 posts:

    Happy planning!

  60. Hi Lina! When in doubt, we suggest you stick with classic wedding tones like ivory, white, or a soft champagne color.

    With only 3-4 months before your wedding, having a basic neutral color will allow you to just add final touches in a color that catches your fancy closer to the wedding date. Maybe summery colors like aqua, yellow, mint green, or orange? Or sweet ones like pink, peach, or lavender?

    All the best for your June wedding!

  61. I need color theme help! My venue has beautiful spanish architecture filled with dark and light brown tones along with black lanterns all over the place giving a very romanctic feel to it. I also want my colors to give that feel. My original colors were gray, ivory, and coral…..but now I am afraid those colors wont match. Will they? I was also thinking of ivory and a light purple. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  62. Your wedding venue sounds lovely, Elena! Regarding your first choice of gray, ivory, and coral — they do go together, creating a very muted effect. But since the venue colors are already browns and black, maybe the gray might be too somber. The ivory and coral OR the ivory and light purple would have a softer, not too serious feel — while still being very romantic!

    But which pair to choose? The deciding factor might end up being your flowers! Consult your florist about coral-toned and purple-toned flowers, and see which available blooms grab you. Either way, we’re sure your wedding will be wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Hi I need help! Im getting married in May next year and need colour help. My wedding dress colour is called romantique but id describe it as a creamy brown/gold with ivory lace over the top. I need a colour that would work well with this for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Im really struggling to not give away to my fiance the colour of my dress! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you x

  64. Hi Tanya! The color that you describe for your wedding dress sounds like an elegant neutral that would actually go well with any color(s). The key, then, might lie in other factors, like venue (outdoor garden? indoor chapel?), theme (classic? casual? trendy? rustic?), etc. Plus of course your personal style as a couple.

    For example, a garden wedding setting would suit a color palette of creamy brown/ivory (your dress) with floral tones (pinks, peaches, lilac, soft yellow) for your bridesmaids’ dresses and the gents’ boutonnieres. While a more classic wedding would be very stylish in creamy brown/ivory with gold highlights in your ladies’ dresses/accessories and in the reception table settings. It all depends on the ‘look’ you’re going for.

    Feel free to stop by with further details of your wedding, so we can be more specific!

  65. hi can i ask help how can i combine the colors aquamarine and emerald green for my wedding motif/theme ? i want it to be distinguished that it was the emerald and aquamarine color.
    thank you

  66. Hello Abie. Consider adding a dash of gold to your color palette. Aquamarine and emerald green are already gorgeous together, but adding a brilliant gold color will make the combo stand out nicely. Another option is to add a color like seafoam. When adding colors like gold, you can have these as accents on items like your wedding cake, invitations, or even silverware. Add flowers that are ivory in color like magnolias, roses, or callas!

  67. I am having a Christmas wedding, December 27 2014. I really love the color palette of Mint green and red, but I absolutely love the color blush and refuse to part with it in my color palette. HOwever, I can’t tell if those colors will go together. Like mint green, cranberry red, and blush maybe? And my mother is obsessed with the idea of me having silver or gold accents. I want it to be a romantic palette.

  68. Hi Hannah. Looking at the various color ‘must-haves’ you mentioned, we’re going to go out on a limb here — to try and help you include them all, without clashing!

    It’s very rarely done, but you could consider having one palette for your ceremony and the other for your reception venue. The ceremony could be in your blush and mint green combo, along with your mother’s gold accents — very romantic. You could hint at the cranberry red (coming up in the reception) by having a dramatic red bouquet, for instance.

    Then, at the reception, you could give a nod to the holiday season by having the table settings with touches of cranberry red and mint green. Plus more of your mom’s gold accents. What do you think?!

  69. please can i use these colours for my wedding?
    peach ,champagne, aqua blue with a touch of red. if yes please how do i combine it and if no kindly suggest a better colour blends.

  70. Hi,

    I am planning an August 2015 wedding I was thinking of having silver and navy blue as my colors. I was thinking the bridesmaids would wear navy blue. It was just a thought but is this color scheme more winter appropriate than the summer?
    Any help is appreciated!

  71. Thanks for stopping by, Gee!

    The four colors you mentioned do sound a bit ‘too busy’ to have all together. Please let us know what month or season your wedding will be, and also what theme you are planning. Then we can try and suggest some color combinations you can choose from. ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Hi Amy! It’s true that silver and navy blue are more associated with a winter wedding, rather than one in summer. But you can ‘lighten’ or ‘freshen’ up the look of the navy elements to suit the season.

    For example, you might consider hot pink or bright yellow bouquets to go with the bridesmaids’ navy dresses, or adding some striped touches to suggest a semi-nautical look, or even having the navy in prints or patterns (maybe tiny polka dots or even florals). Any of these options would still work with silver! ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. I’m helping plan my nephew’s wedding/reception and they’re getting married on a beach with fuschia and purple as main colors. Without thinking I suggested we carry over the beach theme to the reception, so we got light blue table runners and also some burlap ones, But then it hit me! We should carry over the wedding colors too! Hello?!!! I don’t think fuschia, purple and light blue go together do they? I’ve seen fuschia, purple and light green! What should I do/suggest now? Thx!

  74. Hi Diana,

    Since you’ve already spent on the table runners, it would be a pity not to use them. The good thing about a summer–especially a BEACH–wedding is that lots of color is acceptable, and even expected!

    So rather than feel limited by the fuchsia and purple combination, you could approach it this way. Keep these as the 2 main colors at the ceremony (probably in the bridesmaids’ dresses, the bouquets, and the aisle decor). Then, at the reception, have them blend in with a full-blown tropical palette — focusing on centerpieces made out of mostly leaves, with touches of fuchsia, purple, and bright yellow flowers, and your runners as a base (the light blue ones suggesting water, and the burlap ones suggesting sand!). So you still end up with a beach-themed look! ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. I am having a vintage beetle and camper van for my wedding which are both light blue. Want to incorporate colour within wedding, which colour will contrast best.

  76. Hi Katy! Wow, those vintage vehicles are pretty special wedding props! You didn’t mention what season or location your wedding will take place in. But since you do want color, pairing the light blue with either dusty rose or coral would create a vintage-y look — while combining it with hot pink or even golden yellow would make the setting cheery and chic! It depends what effect you’re aiming for. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Hy, wedding is Aug. Colors are yellow, green n gold, but using african prints. Wat two combinations will go for flower girls n boys,bridesmaids , bestmen n d groom. D men r using a navy blue suit. Helppppp

  78. Hi Gloria! How fascinating that you’ll be using African prints. Maybe these could be incorporated into the flower girls’ skirts or hair accessories, and in the little boys’ bowties or vests? Then, the bridesmaids can be in solid yellow dresses with green orchid bouquets and gold accessories. The groom and groomsmen in their navy blue suits can have single green orchid boutonnieres to match the bouquets. Hope this helps!

  79. Hi, I’m getting married on September 6, 2014. My colors are tangerine, champagne, and cocoa. I really like these color palette but I am having a hard time coordinating everything together. I’m starting to think that I should change my colors but I do not have time for that. HELP PLEASE!!

  80. Hi Stephanie! You’ve chosen quite a sophisticated…and challenging…palette. Perfect for fall. Since Sept. 6th is right around the corner, you’ve surely got the major wedding elements (bridesmaids’ dresses, gents’ suits) in place. What we might suggest are the ‘flexible’ items like:

    Aisle flowers – tangerine/orange flowers in baskets tied with cocoa ribbons
    Table linens – combination of champagne & cocoa runners and napkins (if available)
    Centerpieces – tangerine/orange flowers
    Napkin accents – tiny orange buds tucked into rolled/folded napkins
    Place cards / Menu cards – champagne background with cocoa font; simple tangerine design

    Hope these ideas help!

  81. I’m planning a diy wedding for May 2015. Our theme is Navy blue and maize yellow (Michigan colors) I am trying to find a third neutral color to match, any suggestions?

  82. Hi Lindsay! As a neutral third color, we’d suggest either a matte gold (but just in touches) or naturals that serve as a ‘color’ (examples would be wood elements or basketry that can be introduced via DIY wedding elements). Hope this helps!

  83. Hi am helping a friend plan her wedding. Her color motif is olive green. What will be a great color combination for it? It will be a beach wedding. Thanks

  84. Hi Gel! By coincidence. we just recently published a post on a wedding palette of Orange + Green + Mustard. And the green in that palette is actually quite similar to olive. You may want to share the link with your friend — since the bright orange and mustard would be great for a beach wedding, too!

  85. Hi, I am getting married October 26th (this year). I have chosen as my color for my wedding dress PETAL. The wedding is going to poolside ceremony and reception at 2 in the afternoon. What colors can I incorporate???

  86. Hello Donna! Since your ceremony and reception are going to be outdoors at mid-day, you could opt to complement your lovely wedding dress color (petal) with various shades of pink, peach, coral with tiny accents of gold. But if you prefer contrasting colors, you could have the petal set off against turquoise which would match the poolside venue. Again, tiny accents of gold would work here, too.

  87. Hi! I am getting married in the Panhandle of Florida during April 2015. The reception will be held outside surrounding a pool at a vacation home. I just bought my wedding dress and now I’m having trouble picking an accent color to go with a navy blue (I’m not sold on Navy but I did want to incorporate a darker color with a more spring color and my favorite color is blue). My original colors were navy, light grey and blush. However, my dress is a white mermaid dress with silver beading. I’m nervous the blush and navy colors will clash with the style/color dress that I recently bought. What colors would you suggest for a florida spring wedding that will go with a blingy wedding dress? Thanks!

  88. Cherรญ Coleman

    My Fiancรฉ would like Our Wedding colors schemes to be Gold, Hunter Green and Black but our Wedding is in March. The Colors are colors of our High school, which is where we met. How can I pull this off?

  89. Hi Bethany! Since you’ve already bought your dress, you’re right that it will have to be your base for deciding your wedding color motif. If your poolside wedding will be in the evening “under the stars” so to speak, then navy blue as your dark color would still work well with your silvery beaded dress. And you could have your bridesmaids wear blush dresses.

    If it’s a daytime poolside wedding, you need not feel obliged to have one dark color in your palette. In fact with your silvery beaded dress, a dove grey and blush combo for your groomsmen and bridesmaids — then extended to the reception tables — would also be light and lovely for spring!

  90. Hi Cheri! The color trio you mentioned might be a bit strong for a wedding in early spring. But if it’s truly important to your fiance, you could have a soft, matte gold for your bridesmaids — then have them holding ivory bouquets with hunter green and black ribbons. Then, perhaps one focal point at the reception (your cake display, guest book table, or welcome sign) could play up the high school color motif more directly. Hope this helps!

  91. Hello..i wanted to ask you something. I am having a hard time picking the colors for the wedding party.. I wanted to do a soft pastel colors (like a rainbow color) but I was told since the wedding is at the end of summer beginning of autumn that the colors should be more towards that.. Our wedding isn’t til Aug 15, 2015 & my theme is Rustic Country Theme. Everything is going to be a country setting where the seats that everyone is gonna sit on is Hay Bale, the atler is gonna be made out of tree branches w/ fabric & flowers at all 4 corners of it. then the ceremony is gonna be a bbq cook-out. So I was hoping you can help me..

  92. Hello Candace! With today’s weddings being more about what the couple wants rather than what tradition dictates…please don’t feel your end-of-summer wedding (Aug 2015) MUST use “fall colors.” By all means, if you’d really like pastels for your rustic, country-style wedding, then go for it!

    Look at this example I found on Pinterest that uses lovely pastels along with wood elements:

    Happy decorating!

  93. Hi, I’m getting married and my dress is champagne. However my daughter (the flower girl) has chosen an aqua dress with silver in. Does the 3 colour combination work and which colour should be the base colour for draping?

  94. Hi! I’m not asking about colors for a wedding however, I have a client who wants a decoration with the color scheme of forest green, marigold yellow, white and gold! I’m a little flummoxed by this combo because she doesn’t want the 4 tempered by browns, tans or off-whites…any suggestions?


  95. Hello, Jesmien. A champagne wedding dress is a lovely choice. Our concern, though, is the silver you mentioned in your daughter’s aqua flower girl dress. Is it still possible to have the silver removed, so it’s just solid aqua — paired with a lovely cream bouquet with champagne ribbons (to complement your dress)?

  96. Hi Laura! You mentioned that this decoration is not for a wedding? But is it for an event or occasion that would call for such bright colors? If your client is really set on these, we suggest a ‘visual trick’ where maybe the forest green is the dominant color — with the marigold, white, and gold only in tiny touches. Or else all the 4 colors could be used, but only sparingly on a wide expanse of natural wood (for example, on a table setting or a backdrop). Hope this helps!

  97. I would like some input: My future daughter in law has chosen a lilac theme i.e. lilac chair sashes, cake, corsages, bouquet etc, her maid of honor has chosen a maroon dress, there are no bridesmaids I’m a little concerned it is all going to clash as she has also chosen a black and white wedding dress. Please give me some feedback urgently. Thank you

  98. Hi! Iยดm having my wedding in september (which I consider fall season ?!?) but I always wanted white and green (different tones) for the colors. Would it be too weird?

  99. Hi Alejandra! The white and green palette for an early fall wedding would be lovely…NOT weird at all! Especially if you choose the softer tones of green (like sage) and add some natural touches like wood. Have a wonderful wedding!

  100. Hi Irene! Please see my response to the similar question posted by Jane in this comment thread. Thanks for stopping by!

  101. Hi

    Our wedding will be in September.

    venue: Beach

    I struggle to get the right colors.

    I’ve chose a nice deep blue and silver so far.

    But what other color pallets will you suggests ?

  102. Hello, Bernice! The colors you mentioned, deep blue and silver, would look very elegant for an evening beach wedding. If you’d like a pop of bold color to add, fuchsia flowers for your bridesmaids’ bouquets, the gents’ boutonnieres, and the table centerpieces would be lovely.

    But if it will be a daytime wedding, you might consider ‘sea glass blue’ and ‘sea glass green’ for a very cool, breezy look — still with silver accessories for a touch of glam. Hope this helps!

  103. Hi I want to have apple red, grey, and gold/light brown/tan/taupe as my colors with the latter being the accent color. I want gray tuxes with red dresses. How do I use these colors at the reception for table decorations?

  104. Hi we’ve set our wedding for next spring 2015; I would love for my main color to be a coral color, not the light coral, more of the bright coral, then my other tones would be Aqua and champagne. Could you put together a pallet so I could see how those colors look combined?

  105. Hi my daughter’s bridesmaids are cobalt blue (there is kind of a hue of purple from the material). Any suggestions what colour the mother of the bride (me) should wear. Flowergirls are wearing pale blue and groom’s cravat is pale blue. Please help

  106. I’d like to have an old hollywood wedding with white, black, red, gold and silver. Is this too many colors or is it ok since white and black are neutrals? Thank you!

  107. For my wedding i would like to use turquoise as my base colour combined with apple green but I am having problems putting this combination together. Also I would like to use silver somewhere in there . Can you please help me?

  108. Hello Alila! With cobalt blue and pale blue already in the wedding palette, your MOB dress could be something strikingly different, like a buttery yellow or a deep magenta. Your options would also depend on whether it’s a daytime or evening wedding; what time of the year or what season; and what color/s the bridal party’s bouquets will be.

    Wishing you all a wonderful wedding!

  109. Hello, Haze! Those colors you mentioned are definitely ok (in fact, perfect!) for a glam Hollywood-themed wedding! The black and white could be your base colors. Then pops of red would add drama, while the metallics would add glitz. Sounds exciting!

  110. Hi Alicia Paul! Sounds like a fresh, cheery color palette you’ve chosen. And since you’ve already decided on turquoise as your base color, you can then bring the apple green in via “accents” here and there. Some ideas for the apple green: the sashes in the bridesmaids’ or flowergirl’s dresses; the wraps of their bouquets; maybe mini cymbidium orchids for the gents’ boutonnieres; and ‘kermit mums’ for the table centerpieces.

    You can take a peek at this post we published to see how it might look:

  111. Hi Stephanie! We don’t have an exact palette for coral-aqua-champagne (which sounds fabulous, by the way!). But you may want to check out these 2 posts we have:
    (the 2nd palette of Cayenne Pepper and Dazzling Blue might give you ideas)

    Hope these help!

  112. Hello Tonya! Love your red and gray combo…sounds very elegant! About how to apply these to your reception tables, we suggest switching the colors around and making the taupe or a soft dove grey the base via the table cloths. And then having darker grey table napkins and deep red floral centerpieces.

    Happy decorating!

  113. Thank God I found this place. I am planning a. friend’s wedding and her dominant color is aqua green and we have no clue on what to combine with. She talked of lilac but we have decided not to use and she didn’t want pink nor peach. Pls help us out.

  114. Can I decorate using the colors tea green, caribean and marigold together?

  115. Hi Bola…so glad you found us, too! You didn’t mention if your friend’s wedding will be outdoors and what season. But if it’s going to be a summer wedding, would she consider a soft pastel-yellow with the aqua-green?

    You can take a look at this post to see this combination (just ignore the pinks, since your friend didn’t want that):

    Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Betty Harbourne

    I am the mother of the bride,I have got a champagne color dress ,the top is detailed with lace and gold thread,and there is a band under the bust with diamonds and pearls.I am trying to match it up with a wrap and fascinator .Have you any ideas what colors I should choose.

  117. Hello Betty! Your dress sounds so elegant, so you wouldn’t want to call attention away from it with a too-bright or busy wrap. So we suggest a neutral color like ivory or ecru…or even a sheer version of the same champagne as the dress.

    Then, since a fascinator is a lovely way to highlight your face, you can choose a bolder color for this. Maybe teal or magenta (if either won’t clash with the bridal party’s colors). Or perhaps a glamorous matte gold, with a few of the same diamonds and pearls embellishing your dress!

  118. need colour combination with shocking pink n yellow

  119. Hello Nawi,

    I’m guessing you’re asking about a neutral color to go with shocking pink and yellow? Ivory is always a lovely way to contrast with (and soften) bright colors, then you can add small touches of gold–maybe in the bridesmaids’ accessories or in the table settings.

  120. I’m really struggling with color theme for my wedding we want a vintage garden party style. I love the lilacs, pinks, blues, yellows, greens but not sure as i only have 4 bridesmaids and my partner is thinking maybe a navy suit ? please help i think i have my colors then when its comes to putting them together i’m just not sure.

  121. Hello,
    I want to incorporate my Indian heritage in our wedding so like the colours of Hot Pink/Fuschia and Marigold Orange with hints of Gold for the reception.
    The only problem is- i only have the option of white tiffany chairs for the wedding reception.
    The table cloths are also provided on the round tables and they are also white.
    To tie in the colours, I was thinking of putting either an overlay or a runner on the table in the pink or orange…
    Can this still work?
    (I have already bought tea light holders that are a mixture of gold and hotpink for the tables).

    Also, should i try incorporate these colours into our ceremony so as to not ‘shock’ people by all the colour at the reception, or is it still acceptable to have a ‘white’ ceremony?

    Any ideas would be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much!!!

  122. Hi Sheenagh,

    Your wedding colors of hot pink, marigold orange, and gold will look fabulous! But I know what you mean about the white chairs and table linens (pretty stark). If you can find some not-too-expensive scarves in your colors, you can use them as table overlays or runners — plus you might be able to drape them across the chair backs to “disguise” the white a bit!

    For the ceremony, it’s certainly fine to have a “white” motif there. But you can give a hint of the reception colors in the bouquets, the aisle decorations, and even the ceremony programs. If your bridesmaids are game, maybe hot pink shoes?!

    Hope these ideas help! ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. Hi Elizabeth! A vintage garden party is always lovely, but you don’t have to feel constrained to choose only “floral” types of colors. Or to necessarily have a different color for each bridesmaid.

    If your groom is set on a navy suit, then a romantic option for your bridesmaids’ dresses would be to have each one in a slightly different shade of blush pink — or even a very muted “vintage-y” floral print that will complement the navy.

  124. I have a birthday party for my baby girl, can red go with pink and mint green?

  125. Hi Demzi! You didn’t mention if your baby’s birthday party will have a specific theme. But if the red isn’t absolutely necessary for the theme, we’d suggest you pair the pink and mint green with another color. Maybe light blue or pale yellow, if you like a pastel effect. Or maybe orange if you prefer a brighter, festive look!

  126. Hi, my wedding is coming up next year and I need help with the colors and how to put them together. I already have three colours in mind which are yellow, teal and grey. It will be an indoor event.Please any suggestions? And I really would equally appreciate sample photos. Thank you.

  127. Hello Lillian! Yellow and grey make a lovely, trendy combination. You can see our post on that color pairing here:

    To have teal as the 3rd color, though, it might work better this way: have grey as the main color (bridesmaids’ dresses in dove grey, groom’s and groomsmen’s suits in a bit darker grey). Then have their bouquets and boutonnieres in bright yellow and teal. OR the gents can be in grey, the bridesmaids in light yellow — with their bouquets and boutonnieres in teal. Hope this helps!

  128. My wedding is in August and I have mint green as one color,but I don’t know what would look good with my color.Do you have any suggestions.

  129. My wedding is coming on april.pls have these colours champgne gold ,cream ,red and emerald green how do i combined it,

  130. hi! Good day! I am getting married on Feb. 7, 2017. We’ve chosen pink (undecided of the shade yet), mint and gold for accent. Our second option would be magenta, teal and gold. How do we combine them for the venue styling, table set up and entourage? Need your expertise on this. Hoping to hear from you soon. God bless! ๐Ÿ˜˜

  131. Hello Renae592! Mint green is such a pretty color for a wedding any time of year. But depending on what the weather will be like at your wedding location by August, you could either so with a summery look by pairing it with a soft peach or coral. Or if you’d like something more classic, touches of gold always look fabulous with mint!

  132. Hello Geraldine! Since April is still springtime, we suggest that you have the cream and champagne gold as your 2 main colors (both for the bridal party and for the reception tables). Then, have the red and emerald green as accents — through the bridesmaids’ bouquets and the men’s boutonnieres, the table centerpieces, and perhaps the wedding favors.

    If you want to go for one bold color statement, though, you could have the bridesmaids’ dresses in either red or emerald green — with ivory-colored bouquets!

  133. Hi Charm! You didn’t mention your wedding location, so we’re not sure what the weather will be like there in February. But your first option of pink, mint and gold is very classic and charming for late winter/early spring. If it’s a daytime, outdoor wedding, the pink and mint would be lovely for the bridesmaids’ dresses with gold accents — perhaps matching the same colors in your bridal bouquet. The gents could be in light-colored suits with pink and mint boutonnieres. Then for the reception tables, you could have mint table linens with pink and gold floral centerpieces.

    If you go with your second option, this would present a very rich, exotic look! We’re imagining the bridesmaids in teal dresses, holding magenta bouquets — with these 2 colors also in your bridal bouquet and in the gents’ boutonnieres. For the reception tables, you may have ivory or cream table linens with magenta and teal centerpieces — with your wedding cake and favors also picking up those same colors.

  134. Hello! For my wedding, I’m wearing a fitted mermaid style gold and creme dress. I like to dye my hair lots of crazy colors and I don’t know what color would go with the dress. I am avoiding natural colors and black. What do you think would go best? I was thinking a light blue maybe?

  135. Hi Lydia! Always glad to meet an adventurous bride! Light blue hair dye would be a nice option. But depending on your bouquet color(s) with your gold and creme dress, would you consider pink for your hair? Have a wonderful wedding!

  136. I want smethng purle n sea green n prple should be lil light with highlights of gold

  137. Patricia Pimienta

    My wedding is in July. I have my bridesmaid in a colorow similar to marsala maybe a little lighter and my maid of honor in marine. My question is if u do my tables in blush will it look nice? Please help.

  138. Hello Patricia! Since blush is a very subtle color, it will nicely complement the marsala color for your bridesmaid — which is also within the “reddish” family of colors. Have a wonderful wedding!

  139. hi. I would like my colors to be peacock colors – turquoise, darker bright purple.. etc…
    My dress is very light mint green

  140. Hello a! If you meant the peacock colors to be for your accessories for yourself — to go with your light mint green dress, that would be striking if used as accent colors in your bouquet or in your headpiece. If you meant the peacock colors for your bridesmaids’ dresses, you could have each of them wear a slightly different shade to create a contrast with your light colored dress. Hope this helps!

  141. ive choosed soft pink and mint green as the themed colour of my wedding and im considering wearing a brown/gold dress..would it be ok?

  142. A brown and gold dress might clash. Try going with a lighter color such as champagne, taupe, or ivory. These shock work beautifully with pink and mint green. If your bridesmaids wear either color, they look fine with a light or more neutral dress.

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