Styling a Simple Outdoor Snacks and Drinks Table for Summer

Even the most casual of at-home summer gatherings can be turned into a special occasion! Especially if it’s held outdoors to enjoy the sun, and you pull off some creative styling tricks to give it a party-fied flair.

Nothing fancy or pricey, mind you. In fact, it can revolve around a simple outdoor snacks and drinks table—using serve ware and decor pieces you already have. The key is to play along with the summer vibe of a fun, easy, no-fuss approach to assembling your table elements. And our tips below will help you do just that!

5 Tips to Assembling a Simple Yet Stylish Summer Snacks Table

Snacks and drinks for summer buffet able

Tip 1: Mix it up!

Bring out an interesting assortment of plates, bowls, trays, pitchers, carafes, juice jars, dessert cups, and goblets. Set them out on place mats and runners. Add a cake stand or food pedestal for height, and arrange a vaseful of garden blooms. And there you have your basic snacks display!

Empanadas for summer snacks

Tip 2: Focus on fruity flavors!

Make the most of summer’s zesty, citrusy fruits in planning your snacks table. Think freshly squeezed juices, ice-cold punch, fruit in slices or as a chilled salad. Plus summer fruits—like watermelon, pineapples, oranges, lemons, limes, honeydew and more—would make striking decor accents amidst the munchies!

Deep fried banana plaintains

Tip 3: Combine inviting tastes and natural textures.

For the snacks themselves, prepare a variety of tempting treats—both savory and sweet—from bite-size mouthfuls, handy finger foods, to appetizers on a stick. Display them in interesting bowls, platters, and trays on natural-weave place mats. Then, for that laid-back summer vibe, tuck in some fresh leaves and flowers!

Snacks table signs

Tip 4: Include home-made goodies.

Now is your chance for some simple family cooking or baking! The kids especially would be thrilled to add their own home-made banana chips, fries, popcorn, gelatin desserts, cookies, cupcakes, and more to your casual summer gathering.

Citrus cocktails for summer

Tip 5: Add playful finishing touches.

Keep the mood of your snacks table light and inviting with witty food signs and labels. Be creative with your sign stands, like using stacked oranges or shell place card holders. Scatter summer flowers amidst the finger foods, or float loose petals in seashell trays. And why not add a tropical drinks bar on the side?

Now, how’s that for outdoor summer entertaining made easy!

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