Easy Tips for How-To Host Your First Housewarming Party!

Once you’ve moved into your new house, the next step is to start making it a home. And one great way to do that is to host a Housewarming Party! Make it a joint celebration of family members and old buddies getting to see where you now live, plus neighbors who you hope will become new found friends. Here are our tips for planning a fun and easy-to-host event especially made for first-time hosts! Plus, decorating inspiration for an effortless pulled-together look!  (*this post contains affiliate links)

Easy Tips for Hosting Your First Housewarming Party

Infographic housewarming party by Bellenza.

  1. Decide on an attractive, yet simple theme to pull your party look together.  You want to have a unified effect, not a hodge podge (even if you may have just unpacked and moved in). We chose sample party finds below with the theme “Home Sweet Home”!
  2. Send out your invitations 3 weeks to a month in advance. Be sure to include your complete new address, contact number, and directions to your home. You can opt for actual cards to be delivered or mailed, or just send evites. But do remember that everyone is busy and would appreciate enough advance notice.
  3. Housewarming gifts are no longer a must. Focus instead on showing off your home to old friends and new neighbors.Nowadays, it’s no longer expected that guests will bring gifts for the housewarming hosts. And the former practice of enrolling in a gift registry for the home might be considered a tad tacky! If some invitees ask ahead what you need, assure them that it isn’t necessary.
  4. Decorate your new place with themed accents to make guests feel at home. Echoing your chosen theme, put up a welcome sign, hang a party garland, set out pretty house plants and flower arrangements, and prepare a creative alternative guest book (a great way to gather everyone’s addresses, and maybe recipes too!).
  5. Set up a buffet table, sideboard or counter for guests to help themselves to finger foods, bite-size treats, and handy drinks.Unless you’re prepared to serve a sit-down meal, schedule your housewarming party for brunch time or for mid-afternoon snack time. That way, you can keep the food and drinks light, simple, and self-serve. The less hassle, clutter and clean-up for you, the better!
  6. If you’ll have family members or BFFs among your guests, a potluck party might be a good option. They’ll surely understand that you could use the extra help with the food, and they get to show off a favorite dish, dessert or drink recipe!
  7. Provide enough seating, but leave room for guests to move around and mingle. Have some extra stackable stools on hand that you can set out as needed, or keep neatly tucked away if guests prefer to stand.
  8. Have 1 or 2 fun housewarming activities or games with simple prizes. One great idea could be to have a “recipe swap” (mentioned ahead in your invites), where a box of blank recipe cards serves as an alternative guest book. You’ll remember who came by the recipes that fill the box! Another could be a guessing or trivia game on details about your move or the house itself.
  9. If some guests are neighbors you are meeting for the first time, be sure to take this chance to get to know them better. Find out basic information about them, their family members (children? pets?), and helpful info about living in the area. Extend an invitation for them to stop by again.
  10. Surprise guests with housewarming gifts or party favors from you to them! Give something fun and home-related. A pretty potted succulent each? A home-baked treat? Tea towels or coasters tied with ribbon? Refrigerator magnets? A spare light bulb each (definitely practical)? Anything to have them leave your housewarming party with a smile!

Housewarming Party Decorating Ideas

We chose the theme “Home Sweet Home” as the focus of our featured finds. See how just a few key elements can give your party a pulled-together look no matter what theme you go with!

Party Finds for Planning a Housewarming Party from Printables to Decor.

It all starts with a colorful housewarming party invitation (1) that gives advance notice of your theme, color scheme, and your new address of course! Then, take the easy approach to instant decorating with a package of party printables (2) in a complementary color scheme. These can dress up your front door, walls, mantel, and the buffet table of finger foods and treats.

Speaking of treats, set out frosted cupcakes (store-bought is fine!) trimmed with pretty cutout toppers (3) and housewarming-themed sugar cookies (4) for guests to help themselves while they mingle. Then for a party activity AND alternative guest book in one, have a box of blank recipe cards (5) for guests to share their recipes, leave little notes for you, and jot down their own addresses, too!

Finally, send everyone off with “reverse housewarming gifts”! Items like these lovely succulents in vintage tea tins (6) that will remind them of your new home as it graces theirs.

Sources: 1 – Zazzle / 2 – My Party Design, via Catch My Party / 3 – Make It Cozee / 4 – Angelica Made Me / 5 – 1 Canoe 2 / 6 –The Sarah Johnson

More Inspiration for an Open House-style Housewarming Party

Summer’s coming up real soon. So what better season to open up your new home to family, friends, and neighbors? We’ve got fresh new ideas for what to serve, from finger foods to drinks to desserts—plus clever favors and fun activities! (*this post update contains affiliate links)

Easy Finger Foods for Your Housewarming Buffet

Easy Finger Foods for Your Housewarming Buffet with An Asian Flair

Since you’ll be happily showing guests around your home, take the practical option of a finger food buffet that guests can serve themselves from. See these easy recipes we found with an Asian flavor flair!

Serve a trio of Sweet Miso, Tofu Miso, and Creamy Miso dips (1 – from Hikari Miso) to be enjoyed with fresh, crunchy veggie sticks, health crackers or chips, or as spreads on crostinis.

Then, for more filling choices, prepare Teriyaki Meatballs (2 – from Kikkoman USA), Tofu and Kimchi Dumplings (3 – from House Foods) and, for a little more kick, these Egg Rolls with Spicy Edamame Dip (4 – from Kahiki).

Refreshing Iced Teas for Guests to Enjoy

Alongside your food buffet, have a beverage station offering up ice cold drinks. Keep the choices light and healthy, like these iced tea recipes we found infused with different fruits and mint!

Refreshing Iced Teas for Guests to Enjoy

Brew up home-made Green Iced Tea (1 – from Lipton) from tea bags, toss in ice cubes, and infuse with mint or fruit, if you wish. For a sweet choice for guests, prepare Peach Mint Iced Tea (4 – from Del Monte) made with California peaches and fresh mint.

Or surprise them with something more exotic and fizzily refreshing—like this Hibiscus Iced Tea Sparkler (2 – from Luzianne) or this Mango Mint Spritzer (3 – from The Republic of Tea).

Light and Delightful Desserts to Serve

Of course, sweet treats always make a home visit extra welcoming. So have light desserts like these easy-to-make goodies on hand at your housewarming!

Light and Delightful Desserts to Serve from Fruit Dips to Lemon Bars

Start with a healthy and inviting platter of fresh fruits in season, served with a Cream Cheese Fruit Dip (1 – from Dinner at the Zoo). Then, for irresistible nibbles, bake Chinese Almond Cookies (2 – from Simply Recipes) and The Best Lemon Bars (3 – from Kitch Me). And a nice chilled dessert, Coffee Jelly (4 – from Cup of Zest) topped with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream!

Housewarming Party Favors, Both Fun and Practical

Thank guests for coming by giving party favors that will remind them of your hospitality, and that they can use in their own homes as well!

See these heartwarming finds we spotted online!


1 – 24 Home Sweet Home Cupcake Toppers (via Amazon) – Just pop them onto frosted cupcakes.

2 – Super Absorbent Double-Sided Pattern Drink Coasters (10 pcs.) (via Amazon)

3 – Things to Do Around the House Notepad (via Amazon)

4 – Funny Kitchen Tea Towel Housewarming Gift – You can give 1 tea towel per guest.

5 – Live Succulent Favors (via Beau-coup) – Sold in sets which you can distribute among your guests, and keep some for yourself!

6 – Row Boat Dip Cup Set, Green (via Amazon)

Housewarming Party Activities to Enjoy

Liven up the gathering with these fun finds — all available via Amazon.

Housewarming Party Activities to Enjoy

1 – Spark Family Fun: 50 Ways to Play, Laugh, and Connect – Nothing like some laughs to brighten up an at-home party!

2 – Chef’s Recipe Cards (50 Double Sided Cards, 4×6 inches) – Have guests share their best recipes with you by filling up these cards.

3 – Maad Bathroom Guest Book – More laughs as you’ll see who “visited” the most important room in your new home!

From easy-to-prepare appetizers with an Asian twist to party games that make everyone laugh, this housewarming party might be your best party ever!

This post contains affiliate links. You can find our disclosure statement here.

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