Get Well Soon Care Gift Packaging Ideas: Free Printable Tags to DIY Boxes

Get Well Soon Care Gift Packaging Ideas from Tags to Boxes

Sending well wishes across town (or even next door or down the street) becomes especially heartfelt when it’s done with a care gift. And particularly when it’s to cheer up someone who’s ill at home or confined in a hospital, a "Get Well Soon" gift basket is like reaching out with a warm, loving hug!

But if a fancy basket filled with meds and comfort stuff is beyond your budget, no worries. There are many other sweet and simple ways to send good health wishes—just like those we showcase here. Just add creative packaging ideas from tags to trimmings to DIY boxes for a truly thoughtful "Get Well Soon" gift (*this post contains affiliate links)!

7 "Get Well Soon" Care Package Ideas with Free Printables

Imagine what you’d love for someone to send over when you’re sick. Gather those items, and package them in a pretty mug, bowl, or basket—finished with a cute or clever tag!

Get Well Soon Care Package Ideas with Free Printables

  1. Soup Bowl/Mug Care Package
    Tuck an assortment of meds and soothing items into a soup bowl or mug, and tie on a sweet tag like this free printable one from Making the World Cuter.
  2. Box of Thoughtful Comfort Items – Witty printable tags like these from Skip to My Lou are sure to perk up any patient, attached to thoughtful gifts like a pair of socks, cookies, hand cream, a book, an emoji ball, even an App Store & iTunes Gift Card.
  3. Healthy Tea and Honey Care Package – Any Tots shows how to complete a gift basket of healthy green and lemon ginger teas, a bottle of honey, and an adorable mug. With a delightful printable tag, of course!
  4. Tissue Packs in a Tumbler – Let a water jug or tumbler do double duty as a holder for tissues, vitamin C drops, lip balm and cough drops. Then, just add a free printable tag as found on Polka Dot Chair.
  5. Free Get Well Soon Hand Lettering – Cold and cough remedies may seem pretty ho-hum to give, until you tuck in a lovely card with free printable hand-lettering from Lu Loves Handmade.
  6. Sore Throat Soothers in a Mug – Fit a bottle of throat spray, throat lozenges, Honey Bear honey, and a fresh lemon into a large mug. Then, send off with a fun (free) printable tag from The Suburban Mom.
  7. Perfect Get Well Gift Basket – Part of Aubree Originals’ 6 steps for assembling the "perfect" care gift basket are the extra treats (comfy socks and chocolates) sent along with the tea bags, tissues, lip balm and cold meds. An amusing printable tag helps, too!

Suggested Filling Ideas for Get Well Care Packages

For some ideas on what to put in your package, here are a few ideas:

  1. Chicken Noodle Soup Packets
  2. Chamomile Tea
  3. Honey Bear in a Bottle
  4. Lip Balm
  5. A Jar of Vicks VapoRub
  6. Wool Socks
  7. Ricola Cough Drops
  8. Coffee Mug
  9. Teddy Bear
  10. Apple App Store Gift Card via Amazon

DIY Boxed Care Packages: Wrapping and Decorating Ideas

Will you be sending your "get well soon" care package by mail or courier service? Or you’re planning to recycle a packing carton into a gift box? Well, here are 5 great examples of how you can wrap, decorate and fill it for giving!

DIY Boxed Care Packages Wrapping Ideas

For someone far away, Mod Podge Rocks shows how to transform a used cardboard box into a DIY Get Well Care Package (1), using acrylic paint and scrap paper cutouts of medical symbols on the inside. Just pile in the gift items and send.

For a sick "special someone," we found these 2 hand-made care packages with a fun "Lack of Vitamin Me!" message on the boxes’ inside flaps—one on Pinterest (2) and the other on Change Comin’ On (5).

For a little one down with the sniffles, Sprinkle Some Fun decorated this colorful Cold Care Kit for Kids (3). It’s stocked with cough syrup, lip balm, a blanket, chicken noodle soup, an activity book, simple craft materials, and tissue.

Finally, for anyone under the weather, this "Hang In There" Care Package (4) from Equal Exchange suggests organic goodies—from coffee and tea to nuts and snacks—to pack into a charming hand-decorated box.

Got someone in mind who’d love a "Get Well Soon" care package? Take tips from these examples and send one over ASAP!

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