DIY Baseball Concession Stand Ideas for an At-home Birthday Party

DIY Baseball Concession Stand

Hey there, sports fans! Did our recent post on a baseball-themed 16th birthday party get you all nostalgic for spring baseball season? Well, as we showed you, you can always bring beloved ballpark elements right into your home for a family birthday party. And one of the most iconic would have to be a baseball concession stand!

What a treat to set one up as your party food station, either indoors or out in your yard. Stock it with traditional ballpark snacks and sweets, and decorate it with baseball signs, pennants, and players’ gear. Need some inspiration and ideas? Check out these creative examples! 

Concession Stand Ideas for a Baseball-themed Party

Whether simple or fancy, retro style or modern, a DIY baseball concession stand can instantly set the scene for the party! Look among the furniture pieces, sports accessories, and party serveware you already have—and start assembling.

DIY Baseball Concession Stand Ideas

The stand setup can be as simple as a brick-patterned backdrop with a "stadium sign" and a table laid out with candy jars, bowls, and cube vases brimming with ballpark treats. (1 – from Sherri Foxman) Everything from Crackerjacks to peanuts, Baby Ruth bars, Twizzlers, Big League Chew candy, popcorn, lollipops, baseball-shaped chocolates, cotton candy, gumballs, and pretzel stick "bats."

Pennant-style banners (2 – free printable from Aspen Jay) (3 – template from Two Purple Couches) are another baseball stadium staple you can easily DIY. Plus, don’t miss the other clever themed details in their party sets!

A concession stand with a particular theme, like this Tex-Mex one with a taco bar (4 – from The Celebration Shoppe) is a great idea you can pick up. Notice the crisp black, white and green color palette—with the taco fixin’s, canned sodas, and free printable food signs adding pops of contrast.

Creating a retro vibe is super-fun, too! Dig up vintage Americana items (5 – as seen on the Sits Girls) like wooden soft drink crates, old-style coolers and dispensers, old baseballs, bats and mitts. Or classic popcorn bags, boxes of Crackerjacks and cookies, and an old-school chalkboard (6 – as seen on Jenny Cookies). Then, assemble them into a nostalgic display.

Or if clean, bright and colorful is more your style, then choose paper snack bags, buckets, and tubs in red, white and blue (7 – via Love of Family and Home; 8 – The Held Family Happenings) and fill them with classic baseyball treats and drinks. Just add those pennant banners, and your ball game setting is made!

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