Hit a Home Run: Ideas for a Baseball Themed Birthday

Batter up! Summer’s here and baseball-themed birthday parties are definitely in season. And what a winning theme it is! There are party decorating and styling ideas everywhere to inspire you, printables you can customize, themed supplies you can order, and creative DIY projects you can craft yourself. So to ensure an outstanding batting average for your party, look at the goodies we gathered. Do we hear “home run”?!

Baseball party theme favors and table decorations with invitations

1 – Galvanized iron bin for serving chilled drinks – idea found via Quite the Occasion Events

2 – Vintage baseball birthday party invitation – customized digital printable from Anders Ruff, $18.00

3 – Concession dessert table filled with Cracker Jacks, popcorn, peanuts, Babe Ruth candy bars, cake pops, and more – from a real party on Jolie Jolie Design

4 – Customizable baseball favor tags – available from More Than a Cupcake, $8.50 for a pack of 12

5 – Printable popcorn bags – featured on Dimple Prints, this image courtesy of a real party from Baby Girl Butcher

6 – Themed birthday cake with stars, baseballs, and banners via Moncriefphotography

7 – Toy bats and balls as party favors – featured on Oh Goodie Designs

8 – Plastic hotdog holders – found via a real party on How Does She?, available on Amazon, set of 12 for $8.99

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  1. I am planning my dad’s birthday 65th and this is perfect. He is a big Dodger fan!

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