Halloween Vignettes from Your Coffee Tables to Entryway Tables

How to decorate your coffee tables and entry waytables this Halloween.

Did you grow up decorating all out for Halloween, but just don’t have the space in your home today? Good news! There is a way to bring some space-saving (and stylish!) spookiness to your small home this October. Create a Halloween vignette for your coffee table or entryway table! You can opt for a sleek, modern look, a vintage horror vibe, or even one with a bit of whimsy. These 10 vignettes we’re featuring—5 for a coffee table and 5 for a hallway or entryway—show how you can assemble accent pieces and knick-knacks into your own creative grouping for Halloween!


Vignettes are great because they are so versatile, compact enough for a table top, plus you can use items you already have. An “odds and ends” kind of approach gets a pulled-together finish by sticking to a palette or having one or two standout elements.

Creepy + Cute

Halloween coffee table vignette found via Pink Peppermint Design.

In a comfy living room setting, you can combine eerie elements (skull, hands, spiders) with cutesy ones (grinning pumpkin figures), as in this coffee table vignette found via Pink Peppermint Design. If you have fun pieces, like that slide-in letter sign and a bunch of fall flowers, include those, too!

Modern Chic

Modern vignette via 2 Ladies and a Chair.

Want to try a sort of Kate Spade flair? See how this grouping from 2 Ladies and a Chair mixes black and white stripes, with animal print pillows, and trendy trays (perfect for styling vignettes, by the way!). Skulls and spiders provide the nod to Halloween, while mini pumpkins and a vase of fresh flowers with feathers are reminders of fall!

Gold and Glass

Halloween coffee table with accents of gold via FIt Fab Fun Mom.

This coffee table display from Fit Fab Fun Mom shows how a few striking pieces are all you need. Notice how the surfaces are all sleek (metallic, ceramic, glass), and how the colors gold and fuchsia catch your eye. Even an eclectic grouping like this works: a skull and a hand again (it’s a ring holder!), a lion’s head vase, a pumpkin bowl, a gold-striped zebra dish, and a bunch of fresh daisies.

Black and Green

Styling by Oscar Bravo Home.
Take a break from autumn’s oranges and browns. Here, Oscar Bravo Home takes you through a helpful how-to for styling a Halloween table display using black and green. The focal point is a large brass urn, filled with faux greenery holding a black crow. Continuing the eerie elements are a green-eyed owl in a cage (actually an overturned trash can!), vials of green “potion,” and a skull underneath.

 Harvest-inspired Halloween

Rustic vignette for Halloween via Design DIY Ideas.

If you’d like a rustic-style vignette, stay within natural brown, beige, and cream tones. Then, as in this charming display from Stone Gable Blog, via Design DIY Ideas, use harvest-inspired elements like mini pumpkins and gourds on a galvanized iron rack, plus bunches of faux wild grass. For hints of Halloween, try a country-style chalkboard sign and a hand-lettered plate and mug!


Looking for a Halloween vignette to grace the entry or a hallway in your home? Here are 5 that you can display on a console table, shelf, counter top, or even a step or the floor!

Halloween Bat Twig Tree

Batty twigs via Raggedy Bits.

This clever grouping can be assembled in 10 minutes! So says Raggedy Bits that gives a step-by-step guide for this Bat Twig Tree in an enamel pitcher. The bats are just cardboard cutouts and the “cobwebs” are vintage doilies (you could use crocheted coasters)! Add country kitchen touches like a wooden chopping board and a pair of gourds—and you’re done.

DIY Chalkboard with Halloween Chalk Art

Halloween chalkboard sign vignette via Lilacs and Longhorns.

A framed chalkboard is a great decor investment that can go from season to season. Here, Lilacs and Longhorns creates a sideboard display using a DIY one made with chalkboard paint. Then, ghoulish tabletop details are added, like bottles of “arsenic,” black rats, eyeballs, and those skulls again displayed in a glass-covered cake stand.

Trick or Treat Printable Banner

Printable banner via Ella Claire Inspired.

You can “cheat” a little by focusing your vignette around a ready-made Halloween banner. This playful one from Ella Claire Inspired is actually a free printable and can be hung against a wall over a console table. Complete the display with items you already have: a jack-o-lantern, a black candlestick, black and orange ribbons—and for a Halloween party, it’s a great spot to set out treats and drinks!

DIY Vinyl Decal Pumpkin

Vinyl decal via Canary Street Crafts.

Even without a table, a vignette would work. For instance, an easy Halloween focal point for your entryway steps or a corner inside the house would be a grouping like this one from Canary Street Crafts. The star is a large papier mache pumpkin decorated with a DIY decal, accompanied by autumn leaves and flowers, a hurricane lantern, and (yes!) a skull!

Halloween Ghosts Under Glass

Halloween vignette via Creative Cynchronicity.

Another quick Halloween craft, this one from Creative Cynchronicity makes use of a large glass jar turned upside down to simulate a cloche. Inside are ghosts made of styrofoam balls on twigs wrapped with cheesecloth. Just add moss and any creepy, crawly creatures you have on hand. Oh, and there’s another skull! Glittery this time to match the pumpkin.

Don’t you just love the versatile vignette? No rules, just creativity and resourcefulness—and a spot to display it on. Happy Halloween decorating!

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