Boo! Halloween Front Door Decor: Lighted Up + Glow in the Dark

There’s nothing like lighting to make your outdoor Halloween decorations really grab attention. Especially when night falls, imagine the spooky sight of glowing ghostly eyes, back-lit bats and cats, or wide toothy grins of jack-o-lanterns greeting passersby! And what better spot is there for that eerily eye-catching display than your front door?

No worries then if you don’t have a wide lawn or a front porch. See what you can assemble right around your main door. Perfect to go with your "Trunk or Treat" minivan in a Halloween car costume! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Lighting Ideas for Your Halloween Front Door Display

Take ready-made or DIY Halloween decorations and add that extra glow-in-the-dark impact. These 6 crafty, creative ideas show how you can play around with lights to do just that.

Front door Halloween glow in the dark decor

1 – Lighted Halloween Wreath (available on Amazon) – Definitely not your usual autumn wreath! This one has a scary tree silhouette, flying bats, and a black cat back-lit with purple fairy lights.

2 – Halloween Monster Face Decorations (available on Amazon) – These cutouts of giant glowing eyes and jagged teeth are black-light reactive. A monstrous match to the grinning jack-o-lanterns below.

3 – Boo & Spooky Halloween Banners (available on Amazon) – Have your front door light shine down on this pair of spooky signs and a hanging skeleton. Eek!

4 – Glowave Black Light Glow Party Kit (from Glow Party World) – Spider webs that give off their own light, how cool is that? Stretch some across your entryway for a "chilly" welcome!

5 – Lighted Halloween pumpkin topiary (found on DIY Candy) – Store-bought faux pumpkins stacked up and smiling. This lighthearted Halloween project lights up, too!

6 – DIY light-up pumpkins (thanks to Girl, Just DIY) – Turn plastic pumpkin pails into a colorful, light-up decoration with LED string lights peeping through them. Easy to do, and such a fun final effect!

It turns out we have quite a collection of MORE decor ideas for you to go, go, glow in the dark this Halloween!

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