15 Glow in the Dark DIY Halloween Decorations!

Make your Halloween decorations for your home or parties extra eerie with that ghostly glow-in-the-dark effect! There are tons of ideas that crafters and party planners have already tried and tested. And we’ve chosen 15 frightfully fun projects to share with you today. So all you have to do is take their how-to steps and go! Or should we say GLOW!

Halloween Glow-in-the-Dark Decorations to Make

Here are the first 7 out of our 15 finds. Be sure to scroll all the way to the next set for more ‘illuminating ideas’!

From glowing ghosts to pumpkins, we're featuring 15 impossibly fun glow in the dark Halloween DIY ideas!

To get that ghoulish glow for your decorations, you actually have lots of help! Crafting supply stores carry cool items like glow sticks, special paint, pens, chalk, even Mod Podge that creates that spooky lighted effect for you. You just need to brew up your own creepy crafts to apply these to.

Grab some ideas here! Glowing Ghosts made with Mod Podge (1), Glow in the Dark Slime you can mix up from household and craft ingredients (2), a Glow in the Dark Pumpkin decorated with glow paint (3), Glowing Balloon Ghosts (4) and a pumpkin-and-Frankenstein Lantern Garland (5) both made with glow sticks inside, creepy crawly Spiders on a Web (6), and a Ghostly Glowing Boo Sign you can display anywhere (7).

Click here for each tutorial:
1 – 100 Directions / 2 – YouTube / 3 – The Swell Designer / 4 – Simply Creative Insanity / 5 – Love That Party / 6 – Cool Glow / 7 – Will Cook for Smiles

Halloween Glow-in-the-Dark Decorations to Make

From glowing mason jars to punch bowls, 15 glow in the dark ideas for Halloween that are DIYable!

There’s more! How about making these? DIY Glowing Chalk made with secret ‘glow water’ (8), Mason Jar Ghosts covered with glow-painted tissue paper (9), Hanging Halloween Ghost assembled from clear Christmas ornaments, glow sticks, and cheese cloth (10), Batty Moon with the moon glow-painted for an eerie effect (11).

Or try these: Spooky Glowing Eyes made with cleverly cut TP rolls and glow sticks (12), Eerie Glow in the Dark Punch that appears to glow with an outer bowl of dry ice (13), Glow in the Dark Ice Paint amazingly made by freezing tonic water and glitter, then ‘painting’ on black paper (14), and Glowing Bounce Balls (15) you can make into pretend crystal balls or even monster eyeballs!

Click here for each tutorial:
8 – Growing a Jeweled Rose / 9 – Squiggly’s Playhouse / 10 – Domestic Fits / 11 – Instructables / 12 – Rust and Shine / 13 – She Knows / 14 – Mini Monets and Mommies / 15 – Growing a Jeweled Rose


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