Weekly Roundup #7: Cute and Easy Halloween Party Desserts!

Hello, all! You know Halloween is ‘creeping’ up on us when you see all the amazing treats ideas out there. So for this week’s roundup, we chose five super-simple goodies that you can file away for those upcoming Halloween parties. We skipped the ghoulish ones, and stuck with cute and easy…and of course, yummy!

Cute & Easy Homemade Desserts for Halloween Parties

Boo! Don’t be caught by surprise come pre-Halloween ‘crunch time.’ Have these fun and simple recipes ready on your to-make list!

Cute and Easy Halloween Party Desserts & Treats #cutehalloweentreats

1 – Candy Corn Pumpkin Cookie Pizza
Pizza = party! But when it’s a giant cookie decorated like candy corn, then it says ‘Halloween’ fun. Thanks, Munchkin Munchies!

2 – Easy Mummy Cookies
“No time to bake, only to make?” Then this treat from Growing Up Gabel (found via Cupcake Diaries), using store-bought elements, is for you/us!

3 – Mint Vampire Brownies
Everyone’s favorite brownies go minty and ‘toothy’ in this fun recipe by Tidy Mom, shared on Eighteen25.

4 – Halloween S’more Treats
What a clever, non-messy way to enjoy S’mores, in a cup! Thanks to See Vanessa Craft, with printables by Strawberry Mommycakes.

5 – Mini Halloween Pumpkin Pies
These are actually apple ‘pocket pies’ in pumpkin shape! Make some, too, with this recipe from Inspiration for Moms.

What will you be serving at your kid’s Halloween party? Share your ideas with our readers! They’d love it!

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