10 Homemade Fall Decorations You Can Make!

Beautiful autumn decorations made with your home’s backyard materials? Precisely! That’s what the bounty of nature in the fall offers. Leaves, pine cones, acorns, twigs, corn, apples, pears. The decorating possibilities are endless! Even more so if—like these 10 homemade fall decorations we found—you combine these with ingredients from your home’s pantry like cinnamon sticks or coffee beans, and crafting supplies like glitter and spray paint. So gather those materials, and delight party guests, family, and yourself with a fabulous fall decoration such as centerpieces for your tables!

Homemade Fall Decorations with Backyard & Pantry Materials!

10 Homemade Fall Decorations Using Items from Your Home

Look closely at each of these amazing DIY decorations. See the materials you’d normally overlook, discard, or never think to use for decorating. Thanks to the tutorials from these creative crafters, you can turn the ordinary into extraordinary decorations, too!

1 – Fall centerpiece by Boxwood Clippings, via Li’l Luna
See how to glam up pine cones, leaves, stones and twigs with gold spray paint, some feathers, and a tiered display stand. Very elegant!

2 – Glitter and gold leaf pine cones by Miss Renaissance
Craft store glitter is great. But see how you can make fallen pine cones super-special with gold leaf! Then arrange a mix of colors in a bowl or basket for a centerpiece.

3 – Fall leaf lantern by Sweet Something Design
“Hunt and gather” is how this tutorial suggests finding leaf, berry, and twig trimmings for a tabletop lantern. Then take a look at how it all comes together.

4 – Cinnamon stick candle holders centerpiece by Home Stories A to Z
Check out this 20-minute project, using pillar candles, rubber bands to hold the cinnamon sticks in place, and twine to dress them up. So pretty displayed as a grouping on your table! Truly homemade!

5 – DIY ‘tealight nuts’ fall centerpiece by One-O
Visit this fab Italian site for how to use melted tea light wax to fill discarded nut shells, and add waxed string for wicks. Pile them in a bowl with whole nuts and see the charming result!

10 Fall Decorations Using Items from Your Home

6 – Cornhusk votives and vase by Live Laugh Rowe
Tie on and trim! That’s basically how you can make any container into a fall decoration using dried cornhusks. Simple steps, special effects!

7 – Acorn mason jar lanterns by Too Much Time on My Hands
You’ve surely got mason jars somewhere at home. So grab this idea for turning them into acorn-filled lanterns for fall!

8 – Edited fruit basket by Muslin and Merlot
No basket for your fall fruit centerpiece? Perch the fruits on mini pots and line them up or group them on your tables. Such a fun idea!

9 – Candle and coffee bean centerpiece by Calm Cradle
So simple and so perfect for fall! See how to achieve this same “rustic imperfection” with glasses, coffee beans, votive candles, twine, and a pan.

10 – DIY autumn leaf bowls by Hello Lucky
Amazing how autumn leaves, a balloon, and Mod Podge can present you with these striking bowls to grace your fall party tables. Click through to the tutorial.

For other decorating ideas that you can make:

Leaves – Shapely leaves like maple are great for creating string lights with a fall theme. Attach the stems of the leaves to Christmas lights and use them to decorate anywhere at home from your mantel to your doorway.

Twigs – Gather up twigs and make a decorative holder for your votive candles. Choose twigs of similar length and tie them upright around a glass vase. Viola! You’ve got a rustic centerpiece for your dinner or coffee table.

Acorns – Collect a bunch to make an autumn potpourri mix. You can also include tree nuts, bark, and twigs. Then, for that scent of the season, add cinnamon sticks, dried orange peels, and a touch of pumpkin spice oil!

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