Hearty Fall Sandwiches with Bread Pairings in Autumn Flavors

There are just some flavors that say, "Fall is here!" Think of harvest season produce, like pumpkins, apples, fall berries, nuts, grains, and spices. Now, imagine different combinations of that autumn goodness in special breads you can bake yourself with the amazing recipes below or buy freshly made from a bakery. Then layer the bread slices with fillings, spreads, and garnishes to make hearty fall sandwiches!

These would be absolutely scrumptious—whether served at a fall potluck party, a casual living room get-together, or enjoyed as cozy fare for an autumn family reading night.

Recipes for Sandwiches That are All About Fall 

Just reading their names, you can practically taste the seasonal ingredients and feel the rich textures of these sandwiches. Go ahead and try them out!


1 – Pumpkin Bread Sandwich with Pumpkin Seed and Cream Cheese Filling (recipe from Emeril’s)

2 – Chicken and Cheddar Panini with Cranberry Apple Slaw (recipe from Sargento)

3 – Baked Brie Grilled Cheese with Green Apple and Honey-Dijon (recipe from La Brea Bakery)

4 – Vermont Maple Cranberry Sandwich Bread (recipe from Fleischmann’s Yeast)

5 – Ham and Swiss on Pumpernickel Sandwich (recipe from Di Lusso Deli Co.)

6 – Open-faced Grilled Cheese with Prosciutto and Fig Jam (recipe from Parma)

7 – Cheesy Apple-Bacon Melt (recipe from Wisconsin Cheese)

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