How to Decorate a Tropical Party Chair for an Summer Backyard Party

decorating tropical party chairs

We’re so excited to be kicking off a sizzling new series of posts, all about bringing the tropics to your backyard this summer! We’ll be covering everything from outdoor tropical tablescapes, to beach-inspired party decor, to menu ideas inspired by Hawaiian luaus, tiki bars, and Jamaican cookouts. Can’t wait!

Okay, let’s start with the basics for getting that tropical look. Your tablescape will surely be the star of your outdoor party setting. But don’t overlook the chairs. No worries, though, no need to rent or buy. Just dress up seats you already have right at home. Here’s our easy how-to to give you ideas for decorating tropical party chairs in minutes!

What You Will Need

  • Available chairs from your dining table, kitchen, family room, or study
  • Tropical-print fabrics, table runners, throws, or scarves
  • Fabric scraps in bright solid colors (or crepe paper as a substitute)
  • Ribbon, jute cord, or twine

Tropical Party Chair Fabric Bandana in Red Tropical Print

Step 1: Bring the chairs out to your garden party spot where you’ll have space to work freely. Besides, it’ll be easier to move them around while they’re still undecorated.

Step 2: Choose large enough fabrics to cover the seat part of the chair.

Step 3: Drape the fabric over the seat with the excess hanging over the sides. (Note: We opted to have a corner of the fabric hang down in front to form a point, which you’ll see in the finished product.)

Tie Fabric Underneath the chair

Step 4: Secure the fabric in place by tying the excess in a knot under the seat. Or you can use safety pins or even a few stitches with a needle and thread.

Step 5: Choose a solid-colored piece or strip of fabric that will make a bright contrast with the seat. (As mentioned, crepe paper would make a handy substitute for this step.)

Step 6: Gather or loop it over and over to start forming a giant bow.

Place the yellow bow fabric on the side of the chair.

Step 7: Complete the bow by tying the loops in place at the center with ribbon or string.

Step 8: Attach the fabric or paper bow to the chair back, using ribbon, jute cord, or twine.

Step 9: Fluff up the bow to resemble a giant "tropical bloom" adorning each chair!

The Finished Product

Finished tropical decorated party chair.

There you are! A vibrant tropical party chair made in minutes!

Now do the same with the rest of the chairs. Add a brightly patterned throw pillow for each one (these can actually be DIY-wrapped pillows you already have). And your guests will definitely be "sitting pretty" at your fun tropical backyard party this summer!

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