How to Make Your Own Spring Centerpieces from Everyday Objects

Spring centerpieces from what you have at home

Before we know it, spring will be here! Time to bring the season’s floral beauty into your home courtesy of spring centerpieces with a little creative flair – using items you have right on hand. Think used, discarded bottles and cans as crafty flower holders, as well as kitchen crockery and serveware transformed into the most charming vintage-style vases. Just add fresh flowers and you have the brightest, most appealing spring centerpieces to celebrate the season! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Upcycled Bottles and Cans as Flower Holders

With a little paint, some fabric scraps, ribbons, lace and more, see how you can craft centerpiece containers from recycled bottles and cans.

Beverage Bottles

That’s right! Even ordinary soda, beer, and wine bottles can take on a new role as flower holders. But how to make them pretty?

Diy Spring Centerpieces from Everyday Objects - No SPend Spring Centerpieces Vases

One way, is with a few coats of spray paint in any color you fancy, as seen in this “six pack” of mini beer bottles (1) all in a row in a rustic pine box. Or if you’d like a retro look, repurpose glass Coke bottles (2) leaving the logo visible (in this case a special-edition label for Diet Coke in pretty pastels). Finally, wine bottles in tinted glass (3) have a classic look all their own – whether standing solo or in a centerpiece grouping.

Mason and Jam Jars

Another easy option are spare mason jars or empty jam or pickle jars you may already have.

Colored mason jars (4) – whether store-bought or tinted as a DIY project – add instant appeal to your centerpieces, displayed in a yard sale box frame spray-painted white. Food jars or milk bottles trimmed with burlap and lace (5) get that country-farmhouse look arranged in a wire bottle carrier. Even plain, plain jars and bottles (6) can create a lovely spring centerpiece, by grouping an assortment of them holding flowering bulbs and a few pebbles underneath.

Credits: 1 – Cottage at the Crossroads / 2 – Blooming Homestead / 3 – The Knot / 4 – Marty’s Musings / 5 – Crafts Unleashed (Consumer Crafts) / 6 – Magnolia

Crockery and Serve Ware as Vases

Hurry! Take a peek into your china cabinet or pantry. You just may have some little treasures tucked away that could have a second life as vases!

Creamers, Teapots and Pitchers


With vintage charm written all over them, porcelain pieces like these need nothing more than a bunch of glorious blooms to turn them into centerpieces. Dainty floral-painted creamers (1) would make the prettiest pairs holding even one or two flowers each. A china teapot (3) can simply be filled with wildflowers and have its lid to one side.

Larger pieces such as milk or juice pitchers (4, 6) are ideal for larger bunches of blooms or for an assorted bouquet. Come to think of it, old-style cookie jars would make quaint containers, too!

Food Tins and Wood Scraps

Tins that once held biscuits, chocolates, ice cream or tea (2) can be covered with old maps,  as shown here, or even art prints, scrapbook or gift wrapping paper. While for those with woodworking skills, discarded pieces of wood or fallen branches (5) can be fashioned into vases with a small bottle or glass inside to hold the flowers.

Credits: 1 – Weddingstar (assorted creamer set available here) / 2 – The Crazy Craft Lady / 3 – Bellenza / 4 – Home Goods / 5 – Satori Design for Living / 6 – The Ribbon in My Journal

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