Solutions for Living with a Pet in a Small Space

Did moving into your first home as newlyweds include a furry friend or two? Luckily, sharing a small living space with your pets can be made efficient, convenient, comfy and even fun. How? With some space-saving ideas and pet- and home-friendly products designed specifically for happy dogs, cats and pet owners like you!


Talk about creative and practical! These ideas we found show how to make the most of limited space to create feeding, sleeping and storage areas that your dogs and cats—and you—will love!


For your precious pooch, a cozy sleeping nook can be tucked away in a side table made over to hold a doggie pillow (1), a mini bed frame hidden in a console table when not in use (4), or a cushion fitted in an open-sided kitchen cabinet or island (3). For mess-free meal times, a pull-out dog food drawer (2) can neatly hold a pair of bowls underneath a storage cabinet for food and pet supplies.

For your feline friends, you can choose to invest in specially designed cat furniture (6) that occupies minimal space while keeping kitty comfy and happy (see our product pick below). Or you can buy home decor pieces that double as kitty litter cover-ups (5), or DIY your own in kitchen, laundry or hallway cabinets (7, 8).

Credits: 1 – 86 Lemons / 2 – via Pinterest (uploaded by user) / 3 – Jane Clayton Co. UK /4 – via Pinterest (uploaded by user) / 5 – Black Velvet Pets, via Contemporist / 6 – Conscious Cat /7 – DIY Network / 8 – The Idea Room


Welcome news for small-home pet owners! There is an amazing array of products developed to make living together convenient and practical for you, and pleasant and safe for your four-legged friends. Here are our picks!


(*affiliate links to Amazon)

1 – Vesper Cat Furniture
Includes scratching posts, raised perches, hanging balls and a cubbyhole sleeping box all in one sturdy, compact structure

2 – Hidden Cat Litter Box – from Good Pet Stuff Company; Ships from and sold by
Clever planter and litter hideaway in one!

3 – Food and Water Pet Bowl Holder for Cats and Dogs – from Granny’s Hobby Barn
Sturdy solid pine wood frame holds the 2 bowls off the floor, safe from tipping over or being kicked or stepped on

4 – Portable Pet Organizer and Dog Walker Station – from Great Useful Stuff (G.U.S.)
Handy bamboo caddy with multi-pockets for pet supplies, leashes, treats, medicine (contents not included); perfect for avoiding clutter at home and when walking/bathing your dog

5 – ASPCA Microtech Striped Dog Bed Cuddler
Comfy doggie bed in a size you can tuck away even in a tight space (28” x 20” x 8”)

6 – Pet Food Storage Bin – Ships from and sold by Order Me
72-quart size made of durable resin, with a convenient front-flap lid

7 – Evercare Pet Fur Erase Extreme Stick Plus
30-sheet lint roller for keeping your furniture and home accessories free of pet hair

8 – Citrus Magic Pet Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener, Fresh Citrus (8-Ounce) – Ships from and sold by
Counters pet odors to keep your home smelling fresh (vital in a tight living space!)

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