Before and After: Ideas for Home Office Re-styling and Makeovers

Practical, productive, and pleasant! That’s the goal to aim for in re-styling your work area, now that working from home is such a part of all our lives! Have you been making do with a cramped, poorly-lighted nook or cranny of your home to try and get some work done? Maybe you have a den, reading nook, or craft room, but it’s just not conducive to the hours you’re now spending there on the job? Or the space just needs a fresh look and feel?

Well, then this roundup of home office makeovers may be just the inspiration you need. These 12 "before-and-after" examples will surely have you ticking off some to-do and must-have ideas. So, get ready to plan a home office makeover of your own!

12 Examples of Home Office Makeovers: Tips to Take from Each

We’ll be pointing out key elements in each of these re-styling examples that we feel spell the difference—without too much effort or expense. Be sure to click on the post links for the full back story and makeover magic done by these creative home stylists!

Key tip: Make the most of natural light! This Small Space Office Makeover from The Inspired Room helps even a limited area appear more spacious by simply not blocking a window. Plus lighter, more airy type furniture pieces, an ottoman, and area rug would give your work area a brighter, slightly boho feel.

Key tip: Don’t be afraid of color and patterns. Style Girlfriend presents this Home Office Makeover that has a statement wall in deep navy, paired with a geometric-patterned rug, and a cool striped chair—replacing the tiny shelf-desk, ottoman seat, and ladder-shelving all in (bland) white.

Key tip: Your desk doesn’t need to face a wall. Heather of Setting for Four achieved this Home Office Makeover by giving up the dull green wall color and hodge-podge of furniture pieces for a crisp, chic space in white and neutral tones, modern shelving and art—and a spiffy free-standing desk!

Key tip: Pretty can still be re-purposed. You may actually have a lovely space in your home, but just need it to be more usable now. Cindy of DIY Beautify shows how a sitting room can transform into an Office and Craft Space with practical open shelving for craft supplies, a vintage-style work table, and an eye-catching rug.

Key tip: Wood finish adds warmth. This pretty typical Workstation Nook we found via Pinterest could probably be found in most homes. But we noted how just freeing up wall space from behind a bulky wall-system lightens up the look. While replacing utilitarian white cabinets with a wooden workstation and storage drawers gives a more homey feel.

Key tip: Try a wall mural and more. Is your work space looking pretty bare and unfinished? Well, as Ashley from The Gold Hive proves, you can change all that with an Office with a Mural (partly visible on the left wall of the "after" photo)—plus a gorgeous rug, an Ikea-hack for office storage under a window, and a free-standing table and mid-century office chairs.

Key tip: Go from clunky to clean. Traditional office furniture tends to be bulky and in dark colors. So as The DIY Home Girl did in this Home Office Makeover, create a more uplifting atmosphere for work—by switching to light colors, pieces with clean lines, and lots of coordinated storage containers (to hide everything else neatly away)!

Key tip: Accent pieces make the space yours. In this Home Office Reveal from Life on Virginia Street, see how a pleasant enough work area can be made more personal and polished. You can do the same with your choice of a comfy armchair, drapery, throw pillows, artwork, and fresh flowers.

Key tip: No need to buy, just rearrange. Check out this Office Transformation without Buying Anything, courtesy of Retro Den. They simply repositioned the furniture pieces and accessories the homeowner already had—including facing the desk with a view of the open room. Then, dug up treasures stored away, like an exotic area rug and a personal art collection.

Key tip: Eclectic can be fun! Not everyone is into a matchy-matchy room treatment, or a monochromatic color scheme. See how the "wife" section of this Husband and Wife Home Offices post from Lesley Myrick Art + Design pulls together unique, fun pieces and an eye-catching mix of patterns and textures—including a small piano and a kiddie workstation.

Key tip: A custom work table can make all the difference. For Julie of Restyle Relove, the focal point of her Lounge Room Office Area makeover was this long, narrow table custom-built by her husband—based on the inspiration pic on the left. It provides enough surface for her and the kids to work side by side, with space for 3 chairs to slide into place.

Key tip: Light and bright, plus stylish on a budget! For just under $300, Virginia of Live Love DIY managed to repaint her Home Office, add an upholstered chair and ivory shag rug, refinish an old kitchen table, and arrange her own gallery wall with thrifted frames, family photos, and mirrors spray-painted silver.

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