Baking and Cake Decorating Kits for Kids: At-Home Fun!

Baking and Decorating Kits

Playing pretend is such a huge part of childhood fun. Whether it’s indoor camping, dinosaur hunting, kiddie crafting, or playhouse painting, it’s hours of enjoyment the little ones can have right at home! So we thought, why not a "pretend baking activity" that yields actual edible treats? And not just yummy goodies, but extra-pretty ones too—thanks to cake decorating kits that come with all the supplies and accessories. (*this post contains affiliate links)

With Easter hopping up real soon, how about some adorable Easter cupcake and cookie decorating, then? The kids are gonna love it!

10 Baking and Decorating Kits for the Little Home Baker

With kits like these, your children can decorate home-baked cakes, cookies, and cupcakes you’ve all made together from scratch. Or they can skip right on to using store-bought or packaged treats, and dress those up with frosting, sprinkles, toppers and more!

At-Home Fun with Cake Decorating Kits for Kids

1 – Kids Baking Club Subscription Box – from Crate Joy

2 – RISEBRITE Cake Decorating Kit for Kids (38 Pcs) – available on Amazon

3 – BAKETIVITY Kids Baking DIY Activity Kit – available on Amazon

4 – Riki’s Kingdom Kids Real Baking Cupcake Set/Decorating Kit – available on Amazon

5 – Handstand Kitchen 30-piece Birthday Cake Set for Kids with Alphabet Fondant Cutters – available on Amazon

6 – Handstand Kids 17-Piece Junior Baking Set with Recipes for Kids – available on Amazon

Baking Kits for Kids

7 – Kids Real Baking Set – from Baketivity

8 – Kids Ultimate Baking Set – 48 pc. – from Lakeland Co. UK

9 – Pop Kids Baking Set – available on Amazon

10 – Baking Wizards 20 Piece Kids Baking Kit – from Baking Wizards


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