Easter Cookies to Give as Favors with Eggs-tra Loads of Cuteness!

What a joy to celebrate spring with an Easter-themed party! And what more delightful guest favors could you give than delicious cookies decorated with the colors and symbols of the season? Get ready for an eggs-tra load of cuteness, then. Here comes an array of cute Easter cookies to give as favors that say “Happy Easter” in the sweetest possible way!

What’s Adorable to Give as Easter Cookie Favors!

Easter cookies with cute designs and colors. Features bonnet to tulip to Italian Easter cookies.

1 – Love these ‘peeking bunny’ treats from The Decorated Cookie! Simple square cookies are frosted with tinted royal icing then topped with white fondant rabbit faces—or at least part of them. And in the tutorial, one ear of each bunny is bent forward a bit for a 3D effect. Cute!

2 – Bouquets of springtime blooms make gorgeous Easter favors, too. These are actually wedding cookies made by Pasteles de Alta Costura (Cakes Haute Couture), and feature delicately piped marzipan roses trimmed with pink lace bows. So pretty!

3 – Remember those traditional Easter bonnets? You can bring them back via your party treats! We found these charming bonnet cookies from Just a Pinch featuring cookies from (so appropriately) Grandma’s Kitchen (note: site link no longer available). The secret to their shape? Each cookie is topped with half-a-marshmallow, then frosted and decorated like a tiny hat!

4 – These darling Easter nest cookies are made extra pretty with coconut flakes tinted with food coloring! Thanks to this Betty Crocker recipe, you can easily whip up the base cookies using a boxed mix and prepared white icing. Then make the coconut nests and pop on jelly beans as eggs!

5 – These may look like donuts, but they’re actually Italian biscuit cookies! Found via Eat Drink Love, they’re apparently a well-loved tradition come Easter time—covered with pastel-tinted icing made from confectioner’s sugar and milk. Sweet, simple joys!

6 – A chic spin on the iconic Easter egg are these shortbread cookies decorated in trendy stripes and pretty pink ruffles! Originally from Alison Lawson Cakes and featured on Little Big Company—two blogs we love following, by the way—they’d be delightful take-home treats!

7 – What no bunnies? Yes, even basic butter cookies can be dressed up in the prettiest pastel-colored mints for that Easter look. Land O’ Lakes shares a simple recipe that uses ‘meltaway candies’ as ready-to-use cookie toppers.

8 – Tulips are among the loveliest signs of spring. So baking up a batch of iced tulip cookies, following this easy how-to from My Recipes.com, would be just the thing to give as favors! Cut out the shapes and sizes you want and frost them in dainty floral colors.

Now that you’ve been thoroughly tickled with cuteness? What’s your favorite? Leave a comment! Don’t be shy.

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