Fun Easter Cupcakes for Kids: Ideas Hoppin’ Around!

If there’s a holiday when extreme fun is allowed, it’s Easter! So if you plan a party in this season, this is your chance to have the sweetest, most whimsical guest favors ever. In other words, cupcakes!

Luckily, there’s loads of cupcake inspiration on the web just teeming with eggs, bunnies, chicks, flowers, and baskets in the prettiest pastel colors and the most scrumptious flavors. Impossible to pick favorites, so we opted for those that are not only delightful but doable (recipes included whenever possible)!

Fun and Whimsical Cupcake Ideas for the Kiddies

Fun Easter Cupcakes for Kids with Chicks, Eggs, and Bunnies.

1 – These Chocolate Nest cupcakes by La Receta de la Felicidad (found via Cupcakes Garden) seem fairly simple, as far as Easter goodies go. But the ingredients described—Nutella frosting, dark chocolate shavings for the nests, and Milkybar chocolate eggs for the little chicks—should be a hit with your guests!

2 – This variation on the Easter nest cupcake uses a clever twist: shredded coconut. Toasted just enough to simulate straw, it also adds a bit of crunch and a nutty flavor to the sweetness! A great idea from Home Baked Memories (Lowe Family Recipes).

3 – Move over bunnies! Here come Little Lamb cupcakes from Food Network. Aren’t they just darling decorated with mini marshmallows, candy eyes, jelly beans for feet and ears, and black licorice tails? Baaa!

4 – Fluffy yellow chicks are a well-loved Easter icon. So consider making these sweet Little Chick cupcakes from the recipe on Annabel Just top each treat with a bird figure molded from yellow fondant or marzipan, plus a trio of colored candy eggs. And they’re ready to give!

5 – What about frosting your cupcakes in a rainbow of soft hues then simply popping a mini Easter egg atop each? When you display them all together on your favor table, like these ones from Sainsbury’s Little Ones, they’ll be such a lovely sight!

6 – Decorative toppers (usually made of fondant) are a great way to give your cupcakes a ‘pro’ finish. But in this recipe from Duncan Hines, we discovered Easter egg toppers made from frosted graham crackers! Just follow the how-to provided and impress your party guests.

7 – If it’s cuteness you want, these Easter Basket cupcakes by Bakerella definitely fit the bill! Lindt chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, candy eggs, and mini chocolate bars sit cozily on green frosting ‘grass,’ while Sour Punch straws transform each ensemble into a mini basket.


  1. Thanks for sharing such great ideas!! My favorite is the lamb! But the yummiest looking one is the chocolate nest cupcakes. Nutella frosting, yum!!!

    • Hi Iris! So glad to hear you enjoyed this post. We’re in love with all these pretty & delish treats, too!

  2. So cute!! I think the little lambs are my favorite!

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