Activity-based Birthday Parties for Girls: 7 Fabulous Ideas!

No excuse for a ho-hum kiddie birthday party these days! The inspiration for gatherings built around great hands-on activities is just incredible. Here are just 7 of the scores of fabulous activity-based little girls’ parties out there to grab ideas from. From the decorations to the food to the favors, every detail helps get the little ladies in the mood to bake, cook, craft, paint, even plant. You’ve just got to check out our finds below!

Little Girls’ Summer Party Ideas: Activity Themes!

See how you can pull off a fun birthday party with activities like crafting and cooking for girls | as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza.
1 – ‘Cake Boss’ Party from Passion for Parties – You will fall in love with all the adorable details…from baker’s hats, ruffled aprons, baking-themed garlands and bunting, to of course mini cakes for each guest to decorate!

2 – Pearl Jewelry Making Party from Pretty Little Things Parties – A complete package of hands-on fun for 6 to 10 year-olds, that includes supplies for each child to make earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

3 – Pizza Making Party from Williams-Sonoma – You can’t go wrong with pizza! A great how-to guide (including a recipe for pizza dough and toppings) for getting party guests excited about making their own.

4 – Pop Art Party by Miss Party Mom, via Sincerely Kymberly – Move over Andy Warhol! Here come the kiddie artists from this fabulously bold, bright, and creative gathering. Color, color everywhere!

5 – Craft-y Party Idea from Fynes Designs – This real party isn’t actually themed around this craft. But these crazy-cute bottle vases certainly caught our eye as a fabulous party activity. Host-Mom used vinegar bottles, foam stickers, rhinestones, and ribbon!

6 – Seed Planting Play Date Party from Dimple Prints – The perfect theme for a garden party or picnic. The kiddos get to decorate their own little pots and watering cans…and yes, actually plant seeds to take home and watch grow!

7 – Hello Kitty Party from Chicago Now – This real (and super budget-friendly!) birthday bash includes great themed activities. For starters, there’s this fun Decorate Your Own Kitty Mask activity. Then, on to Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty and even a Hello Kitty piñata!

Have a party like one of these, and expect a whole lot of thank-you hugs and kisses from your birthday girl!

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  1. This is fabulous loving all these ideas and such great themes

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