A “House Painting” Activity for a Kids’ Art Party Using Cardboard Boxes

“House painting?!” you exclaim. Don’t worry. We don’t mean the little party guests will be painting your house! This is a fun and super-simple outdoor activity for a Kiddie Art-themed or Painting Party this summer! This enjoyable hands-on project can keep the junior artists happily occupied for up to an hour—with ready-made materials for less hassle, and an outdoor workspace for easy post-party clean-up. Yay!

Now, let’s get ready for this artsy activity with this simple how-to guide. (*this post contains affiliate links)

Cardboard boxes used for painting party activity

Materials to Source

You can use our picks from Amazon or find your own equivalents at your local crafts store:

Assorted paints in blue, red, yellow,  green and yellow

  1. Littlefun Kid’s Foldable Premium Corrugated Cardboard Playhouse Kit
  2. Kids Tempera Paint, Set of 24 Colors (24 x 2oz) Includes Fluorescent, Glow in the Dark, Glitter, Metallic & Neon  
  3. Set of 30 Paint Brushes Bundle with Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint (6 Count)
  4. Plastic Drop Cloth (9-Feet x 12-Feet, Clear) or old newspapers or rolls of butcher paper – to protect your outdoor party area or lawn
  5. empty wide-mouthed bottles, mason jars, or candy jars – filled with water for washing brushes
  6. lots of old cloth rags

“House Painting” Party Activity: Setup Ideas

House painting party signage

Here are some ways to preparing the activity:

Closeup of house painted in colors.

  1. Choose an open-air venue with lots of space for the active little artists. Protect the work area from paint spills by laying out a drop cloth, old newspapers or butcher paper.
  2. Set up the ready-made mini cardboard house or houses, depending on how many kiddie guests you will have. (Oops! We forgot to take photos of the houses still unpainted.)
  3. Lay out the sets of paints and brushes, plus the bottles and jars of water and cloth rags on kiddie-height stands or right at ground level. 
  4. Add a multi-colored Art Party sign to welcome the painting crew to the activity area.
  5. Let the proud painters use their finished projects as a “photo booth” backdrop for souvenir snapshots!

Painting cardboard houses with assorted paints

More Artsy Elements of this Kiddie Painting Party

Far shot of painted houses

With such a colorful and creative theme, there are so many other ways to express it in this party scene. Here is more inspiration from our styled set.

Finished houses in painted colors.

  1. In venue and table decorations, and even food, drinks, and desserts
  2. In a DIY balloon wreath
  3. In centerpieces made from upcycled cans
  4. In rainbow-colored birthday treats

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