Ideas for a “Camp Dino” Party: Rustic Fun, Food and Favors!

Dinosaurs are HUGE in every sense of the word! Even as a birthday party theme, dinos are crazy popular and can be styled in seemingly endless ways. But if you’d like an event with a vintage, rustic flair to it, why not plan a “Camp Dino” Party? See the roar-worthy inspiration we found—from fossil decorations, to fun activities, to themed food and favors. Your little dino-loving celebrant will just “dig” every idea!

Vintage/Rustic Ideas for a Kiddie “Camp Dino” Party

Venue a la Woodland/Jungle

If you have a backyard, then that would be perfect for the dino camp setup. Take advantage of the garden greenery or even potted plants to provide the outdoorsy feel.

Camp Dino Party! Let’s Dig for Fossils Birthday Ideas

Set up the party tables (2) with dino print party ware and a faux grass table runner—where a giant toy dinosaur can strut his stuff, of course! For centerpieces, create a cool dino jungle terrarium (6) for each table. Sort of like Jurassic Park in miniature.

Dino-themed Treats

For the birthday cake (1), decorate a simple sheet cake with chocolate “earth” and white chocolate “dinosaur bones.” Then sprinkle each slice with candy “rocks.” The kids will love it!

For party food (7), serve clever “dino bites” such as shaped sandwiches, and other creative treats simulating fossils, dinosaur eggs, and prehistoric veggies! More themed munchies can be presented as a woodland-style trail mix station (4), just perfect for the camp setting.

Fun Activities and Party Favors

A camp party has got to have hands-on activities, right? You can start off with printable dino-themed games (8), puzzles, mazes, and coloring sheets. Then, let the little guests loose to enjoy a sure favorite: a “dino dig” activity (3)!

Finally, send the kiddos off with their own packages of dinosaur favors (5). You can get really creative with the goodies and gift items inside. Then, simply wrap them in kraft paper and twine, and stick on a dino thank-you tag!

Note: This a great theme for both boys and girls…and for siblings’ birthdays. So do keep it in mind for upcoming summer parties.

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