How to Style Your Family Room without the TV

Tv Free Family Rooms Styling Ideas

A family room without a TV! Is that even possible? Believe it or not, it is. It starts with a choice to not make TV viewing rule your lives. Then, it takes shape with some creative family room styling ideas to suit your lifestyle and fave activities, as well as the size, general features, and location of your chosen area. You’ll love the inspiration we found (we certainly do!). Now, to design a TV-less family hangout where you won’t even miss that flat screen!

TV-less Family Room Inspiration

Start by zeroing in on what your family most enjoys when relaxing and just lazing around the house. (Or maybe what you wish could take the place of excessive TV viewing!) Then, use that to focus your family room design on. See how these examples did it!

1 – Reading area approach

Reading area approach for living room without a TV.

Make your family room the go-to spot for curling up with a good book! Reading materials of all kinds right within reach on bookshelves, a coffee table, an ottoman—with the comfiest sofa and armchairs, and patterned throw pillows and rugs for a casual vibe. Joanna Goddard’s home, shown here, is the perfect peg, styled by Emily Henderson (via Life in Sketch).

2 – “Something for everyone” room

All-around room with an assortment of elements.

Create a truly welcoming, relaxed corner by going more eclectic than matchy-matchy. Sort of like a happy hodgepodge that includes decor items, truly useful stuff, and activity-related supplies for all family members. Grab ideas on how this was done with elements completely sourced from HomeGoods!

3 – “Game room” approach


If your brood is into game-related activities, then this room design via Decoist (attributed to Design InSite) might be just the family room inspiration for you! The red, black and white palette ties together different nooks for reading, puzzle making, board games, even a foosball machine. While the patterned throw pillows and curtains add a playful retro look

4 – Farmhouse-style family room

Farmhouse-style family room with modern rustic elements.

Go with a current home decor trend that’s so easy to love: farmhouse style! It’s ideal for creating a cozy space with a home-sweet-home aesthetic. See how this family in Making It in the Mountains created their own farmhouse family room with lots of wood, natural fabrics, and charming personal touches—all in a calming, neutral palette.

5 – Coastal-style chic

Coastal-style chic with many places to seat and lounge around.

Even if you live nowhere near the beach, you can always bring that chic coastal look to your family room. This lovely space found via A Beach Cottage owes its bright, clean appeal to white painter’s drop cloths covering the sofas! Plus a delightful assortment of throw pillows in sand, cream and touches of blue; a bowl of seashells, a mini lantern, and a pitcher-vase of flowers. You can do this, too!

6 – Converted basement

Converted basement with places to seat, read, and snack.

Then, of course, if you’re lucky enough to have a basement, this is a great option for a family room. Make it bright and well-lighted with comfy furniture and little corners for crafting, reading, lounging around, and yes even sharing snacks and meals at a six-seater table. See this and similar basement remodeling ideas via HGTV.

So, did you miss the TV in these family rooms? We thought not!

Other options (also TV-less) you might want to try:

  • Converting part of your porch into a garden-themed family room filled with ornamental plants and flowering varieties. This would be equally great if you have a solarium because of the presence of natural light.
  • Creating a music nook with instruments like a piano or guitar, and an audio system for listening to and even composing music!
  • Combining your home office, craft room and study place in one area, so family members are “doing their own thing” together.
  • Making your family room an extension of your kitchen, especially if you all love to cook, bake, eat and entertain together!
  • If you have a home library in mind, then why not try creating a reading-oriented family room with the strategic position of bookcases, reading chairs, and tables.

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