Asian-inspired Appetizers for a Winter Housewarming Party

A houseWARMing party sounds really welcome in this snowy season, don’t you think? No need to wait till milder weather to host a gathering in your new home. Just plan an inviting self-serve food setup for your visitors, like a coffee station and a sandwich and soup bar. And of course, the must-have at any casual, at-home occasion: appetizers!

We suggest a surprise flavor spin, though. In place of traditional winter party finger foods, go Asian! We’ve got a tempting recipe selection of Asian-inspired appetizers right here. So you can wow your guests with both your new home and your party menu!

7 Asian Appetizer Choices to Serve at a Winter Housewarming Party

These recipes are a mix of familiar and possibly new-to-you dishes from different parts of Asia. Each one features that fascinating combination of ingredients, spices, dips, and sauces that make Asian cuisine unique. Plus the creative wraps make them party-ready right off!

Asian appetizers from egg rolls to lettuce cups

1 – Vegan Lumpiang Shanghai from Sweet Simple Vegan

A Filipino favorite, these are the fried—and in this case, vegan—version of the fresh spring rolls you may know from China (hence the name). The golden wraps are super crunchy and the accompanying dipping sauce is a zesty blend of sweet and sour.

2 – Crab Rangoon Wontons from Culinary Hill

From Rangoon, Burma (now called Yangon in Myanmar) come these crispy wonton-wrapped bites with a creamy filling of crab flakes, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and scallions. Welcome tip: These can be made ahead and frozen, so you can just bake or fry as needed!

3 – Spicy Asian Chicken Puff Pastry Bites from Side Chef

Each scrumptious bite is stuffed with ground chicken tossed in a blend of hoisin sauce, peanut butter, lime juice, and spices, then garnished with minced veggies, radish, and fresh parsley.

4 – Pork Gyoza Dumplings from Wander Cooks

A popular Japanese savory side dish, these tender dumplings are packed with ground pork, cabbage, spring onion, and authentic Japanese seasonings—then steam fried till the outsides turn golden. Again, you can make a big batch in one go, freeze the excess and reheat for a quick meal or if surprise guests drop by.

5 – Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Lil’ Luna

These party-pretty wraps contain single servings of ground chicken, minced mushrooms, and onions, seasoned and cooked in Oriental sauces. Best of all, they take just 20 minutes to make!

6 – Thai Peanut Salad Wonton Cups from The Busy Baker

Enticing mouthfuls of shredded veggies are topped with crushed peanuts, drizzled with a delicious Thai-inspired peanut dressing—all in a crispy wonton shell. Easy to make, and so easy to serve!

7 – Baked Corn Pakora Fritters from Holy Cow Vegan

Finally, from India, here is a variation of the traditional pakora that is vegan, soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and baked without any oils. The corn kernels are a sweet contrast to the spicy batter made with chickpea flour and cornmeal seasoned with cumin seeds, cayenne pepper, turmeric, and coriander leaves—and oven-baked to a golden crispiness.

With such mouthwatering appetizers to serve, your winter housewarming party is sure to be a hit. And why stop there? Plan an Asian-inspired gathering or two in the coming months. And impress your guests all over again!