Caribbean Flavors for a Summer BBQ: Must-Try Recipes!

If outdoor cookouts and backyard BBQs are on the calendar for you and the fam this summer, then this post is for you! Imagine having eight super-flavorful Caribbean recipes to choose from, featuring the spices, marinades, grilling techniques and garnishes that Caribbean cuisine is famed for.

Get to show off your grillin’ skills with savory dishes that channel that island paradise vibe. Then, set up a tropical bar to cool down all the bold flavors, serve up fancy iced teas, and piña colada-inspired desserts.

8 Caribbean Recipes to Serve at a Summer Cookout

This recipe selection covers everything from ribs to burgers to steak to grilled pork to BBQ chicken to shrimp. Choose two, three or even four, and have a Caribbean-style feast!

Caribbean bbq recipes for summer bbq

1 – Caribbean Grilled Pork with Tropical Salsa recipe from Canola Eat Well
Hefty pork loin chops are flavored with a sugar-and-lots-of-spices marinade, grilled, and served with a salsa of pineapple, orange, cilantro and lime juice.

2 – Caribbean Beef Burgers with Mango Salsa recipe from Beef – It’s What’s for Dinner
Ground beef patties made peppery with jerk seasoning, get cooled down with fresh mango salsa with a hint of jalapeño.

3 – Jamaican Style BBQ Chicken recipe from Sobeys
These flavor-packed chicken pieces start with a marinade of ginger ale, lime juice, spices, soy sauce, cinnamon and all-spice, and end with a special BBQ sauce brushed on in the final minutes on the grill 

4 – Jamaican Jerk Ribs recipe from Kingsford
A homemade dry rub with 11 ingredients and at least 4 hours in the smoker or grill give these pork spare ribs their distinct smoky flavor and super tenderness.

5 – Citrus Caribbean BBQ Pork Ribs recipe from KC Masterpiece
First boiled, then grilled over charcoal, these baby back ribs get a zesty boost from freshly squeezed oranges over KC Masterpiece marinade plus chili paste.

6 – Spicy Caribbean Shrimp recipe from Chargriller
That taste of the islands comes through thanks to the pineapple cubes and juice, coconut milk, dark rum and habanero peppers flavoring these tender shrimp skewers.

7 – Caribbean Grilled Steak recipe from McCormick
Rubbed in a mixture of McCormick spices and seasonings, this grilled flank steak gets that extra tropical flair when sliced and served with grilled pineapple chunks on skewers.

8 – Cuban Sandwich with Caribbean Pork recipe from Weber Seasonings
Grilled pork tenderloin slices serve as a surprise layer in traditional Cuban sandwiches of ham, cheese and dill pickles.

Once bitten by the Caribbean bug, you may want to host an entire summer celebration with the same theme. Here are ideas for decor to food and drinks to party favors, even party attire!

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A Jamaican Party Theme Inspired by the Colors, Flavors & Rhythms of the Island 

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