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Celebrate a Lavender Tea Party for Mother’s Day!

Host a lavender tea party this Mother’s Day! With the relaxing and fragrant scent of lavender, celebrate this special occasion with elegant details from your tablescape to gifts for mom. Add charming touches that are homemade from special recipes in your family. Make pretty sachets filled with lavender buds as a practical take-home favor for your tea party guests. Whether it’s a virtual gathering or an intimate outdoor affair, make it memorable!

Lavender Tea Themed Party Details for Mother’s Day

Lavender Tea Party for Mother’s Day!

Preparing for this tea party doesn’t have to be a hassle. Try these simple suggestions:

  1. Serve basic recipes such as homemade scones flavored with lavender. Include scrumptious butter cookies and cupcakes sprinkled with lavender sugar—all served on a silver cookie tray.
  2. Warm up a quaint pot of Earl Grey tea alongside your favorite china. Include cream and sugar in dainty servers.
  3. Create a simple tablescape using elements from home with a fragrant lavender centerpiece!
  4. Decorate your party chairs with lavender or lilac colored floral accents finished with flowing pink ribbons.
  5. Dress up in a beautiful lilac dress with floral accents or your favorite lilac blouse.
  6. Give mom a special gift basket filled with her favorite spa-inspired goodies like a lavender scrub, lavender essential oil, and lavender hand soaps.
  7. For guests, prepare pretty cookies presented in lavender embroidered organza bags, or how about fill rose-inspired pomander gift bags with a lavender parfum.

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