7 Edible Bouquets For Mother’s Day to Make with Kids

Edible nouquets to make with kids

Donuts, wrapped chocolates, fruit, and marshmallows get a creative boost this Mother’s Day as edible bouquets! With just a few ingredients and materials, make fabulous bouquets reinvented with treats she’ll enjoy with the whole family. They’re easy to make as kids love making them! Here are 7 creative edible bouquets to get started on your next gift for mom:

7 Edible Bouquets to Make for Mother’s Day Using Chocolates to Cookies

Get those creative juices going with these inspirational recipes that use delicious treats from fresh fruits to marshmallows. With the exception of fresh fruits, you can make these bouquets at least 2 days ahead; so storing them away from mom will be your main concern!

7 Edible Bouquets to Make for Mother’s Day from the Kids

  1. Doughnut bouquet via Woolworths
  2. Chocolate covered strawberry bouquet via Kiwilmon
  3. Gluten-free flower cookie bouquet from Lila Loa
  4. DIY marshmallow flower bouquet via Dish-away
  5. Chocolate bouquet from the Happier Homemaker
  6. Chocolate dipped fruit bouquet recipe via Hershey’s
  7. Kisses flower bouquet from Sippy Cup Mom

When making these edible bouquets, here are some suggested basic supplies:

  1. Skewer sticks
  2. Ribbons
  3. Double-backed tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Gift wrapping tissue
  6. Small pots made of clay or tin
  7. Markers

Find a quiet time to keep mom away from the kitchen to make these bouquets or you can make them together with her for a fun family activity! You will probably end up eating some of the ingredients along the way, but that’s all part of the fun of making edible bouquets. Enjoy making these creations and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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