Creative Ideas for Homeschool Rewards: Punch Cards + Coupons

Printable School Punch Cards and Coupons

Experienced homeschooling parents know this. And if you’re new to the whole homeschool process, then you’re finding out! Getting your kids to complete their home-based lessons and activities can be quite a challenge.

But children love being rewarded for tasks done (don’t we all?)..So the key is to find creative ways to mark their completed homeschool work day by day. Enter these really neat school punch cards and coupons!.We found 7 for you—all ready-to-use printables, and most of them free. Get ready with those punchers, kids! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Printable School Punch Cards and Coupons

These aren’t only great motivators for home-students. They’re also an easy way for parents to keep track of lessons completed if you are homeschooling 2 or more children at the same time.

Printable School Punch Cards and Coupons

Creative Ideas for Homeschool Rewards System Ideas

  1. Free Homeschool Bookmark Punch Cards – from 123 Homeschool for Me, includes a free rewards chart
  2. Free Homeschool To Do Punch Cards – also from 123 Homeschool for Me
  3. Homework Punch Card Bookmarks – from Somewhat Simple
  4. Homework Punch Cards – from 3 Dinosaurs, actually designed for tracking traditional homework and reading but will work for homeschoolers too!
  5. School Doodles Reward Punch Card – available on Amazon
  6. Homeschool Reading Incentive Brag Tags – from ImageStuff, via Confessions of a Homeschooler; check out how these tags can be displayed to show your child’s reading time progress bead by bead!
  7. Free Printable Kid’s Coupons / Reward Tickets – from My Frugal Adventures


3 P’s for Creating Your Own School Tracking Tools

Prefer to create your own homeschool rewards for your children? Here are our quick tips!

  • Personalize – Kids love seeing their names on what they’ve accomplished. Adding their picture would be even cooler!
  • Progress – Aside from day-to-day marking of tasks done, having your homeschooler work towards a target (see next P) by completing mini-tasks makes it more exciting.
  • Prize – Small daily rewards are great—cookies, stickers, temp tattoos, and the like. But think, too, of meaningful incentives your child would really enjoy working towards. Bedtime story hour, family movie time, backyard camping, family cooking time, homebound games and activities!

Be sure to check out our post on chore charts for getting boys motivated!

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