How to Move into a New Place without Hiring a Mover

How to Move into a New Place without Hiring a Mover

Taking the big step of moving into your first home together? But daunted by the cost of hiring a moving service? Why not DIY it! Yes, it can be done. It just takes proper planning, the right packaging supplies, welcome helping hands—and yes, accepting the extra work and some hassles. Even finding them part of the fun! See our checklist of “DIY moving do’s and don’ts” to get you all prepped and ready to go.

DIY Moving Do’s and Don’ts!


  • Stock up on moving cartons. Buy in bulk, but stick to medium-sized ones that you can actually lift once they are full.
  • Buy the right supplies. Basics are packaging tape with dispenser, bubble wrap, corrugated box cutters, and marking pens.
  • Recycle old newspapers to use for wrapping items and stuffing empty spaces in boxes.
  • Borrow a flatbed cart or hand trolley (your office might have one) to be able to wheel several large items at a time out of your old home and into your new one.
  • Invest in a stepstool or lightweight step ladder that will be handy both during the move and after as well.
  • Be ready to make several trips for the move. Maybe even spread these out over a weekend or holiday break.
  • Give yourselves a deadline to unpack — otherwise you may be living out of boxes for months or more!


  • Don’t wait until the last minute! Moving house is a major undertaking, particularly if you’re doing it yourselves.
  • Don’t get sentimental while sorting through the household items you had as singles. Keep only those that are irreplaceable, and look forward to having new stuff as a couple!
  • Don’t unpack your wedding gifts completely. Just take a peek to be able to send thank-you cards, then wait till you move to fully unpack.
  • Don’t purchase or order new furniture or household items beyond the basics until after you have moved into your new place.
  • Don’t hesitate to solicit free help from family members and friends: sorting and packing, use of a van or pickup, helping hands to lift and carry stuff.
  • Don’t discard what can be reused. Disassemble the cardboard boxes, roll up the bubble wrap, and fold the plastic bags for future needs.
  • Don’t forget to thank those who helped in the move. Promise them invites to your housewarming party!

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