Smart Cooking: 7 Easy Leftover Recipes for Salmon

Save those food leftovers! Especially if you’ve just enjoyed a dish of salmon. It’s such a flavorful fish that even bits of it can make a leftover recipe special. Cook smart, then, and use veggies, pasta, rice, herbs, spices and sauces to make salmon scraps the stars of “second time around” dishes—inspired by delectable casserole and Asian-inspired recipes like these!

Creative & Yummy Recipe Ideas for Leftover Salmon

Easy salmon recipes to use as leftovers

1 – Salmon and Fried Rice – Baked salmon fillets (or leftovers) cut into strips make a delish topping for a bowlful of brown rice tossed with carrots, peas, garlic, green onions, egg, and soy sauce. Thanks to Morey’s for the recipe.

2 – Soy and Sesame Salmon with Noodles and Crispy Kale – Give your leftover version an Asian twist with this Chinese-inspired recipe from TESCO Real Food. It’s full of flavor, but simple to make with the addition of ginger, sticky soy sauce, sesame seeds and crispy kale to the salmon—all topped on servings of rice noodles!

3 – Salmon Noodles Casserole – Pasta is always a fave tummy-filler—and a great extender for leftovers! So, here’s a great recipe idea from Weightwatchers that uses elbow or penne pasta noodles with a mixture of salmon flakes, red and green bell peppers, skim milk, eggs and chives.

4 – Salmon Vegetable Casserole – Here is a veggie version of the salmon-pasta casserole, found via The Bumblebee Seafood Company—featuring spinach, mushrooms and slivered almonds in a creamy butter-flour-milk base, seasoned with Parmesan cheese, dill weed and nutmeg.

5 – Salmon Casserole – You’ll love this super easy mix-all-ingredients recipe from My Food and Family. You just combine flaked salmon, frozen peas, chopped cheese slices, celery, hard-cooked eggs, Miracle Whip dressing and green onions in a casserole dish—then bake to heat through!

6 – Spicy Asian Salmon Meatballs – No one will know you’re serving leftovers with this tasty recipe idea from Wild Selections! A salmon mixture is formed into meatballs, baked, then poured over with a spicy-sweet sauce of pineapple juice, tomato sauce, brown sugar, Sriracha and soy sauce—finished with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

7 – Teriyaki Salmon Cakes with Asian Slaw – It’s Japanese inspiration this time in this recipe from Land O Lakes. Salmon patties are cooked in butter, then served with home-made teriyaki sauce spooned over each one.  A topping of broccoli slaw tossed with rice vinegar and sesame seeds completes the Asian flavor!

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