So Bright! A Lime Green and Aqua Baby Shower with Elephants!

If you don’t know it yet, elephants can actually make for an adorable baby shower theme! Elephant shapes and items are easy to source, but can add a great impact to the overall theme of your baby welcoming party. However, if you’re tired of putting gray and boring elephant stuffed toys here and there, there are some fresh and new ways to incorporate this totally cute theme into your party, with the baby-friendly colors of lime green and aqua blue. We found some ideas using cookies and cookie cutters, craft paper, elephant trinkets and printouts, so that you can have a wonderfully colorful baby shower. Pick out some ideas, or use them all as you please!


1) We love these lime-green and blue elephant cookies. They look so delicious, but just as well too good to eat! You can find the instructions on how to make them via Sweetopia.

2) If you want to create the lime-green and blue elephant theme without breaking the bank, check out these crackers in transparent boxes topped with a miniature felt elephant. Cuteness for pennies! Find the steps on how to make these favors here: Delightful Events

3) Sometimes, you don’t have to have too many elephants to carry on with the theme. Try this ceiling decor idea from Nickwilljack.

4) Tags are usually forgotten in themed parties, but they shouldn’t be! They add to the overall atmosphere of the party you’re creating. To keep on with the theme, buy these pastel blue tags through Etsy.

5) In an elephant-themed baby shower, the invitation should be a dead giveaway to what the guests can expect. These invitations from Jean M. Blog are perfect for this!

6) A baby shower should also have some food that is in sync with the theme. To do that, you might want to check out Cupcakes Take The Cake and place an order of these pina colada cupcakes, or make some yourself!

7) Ombre-colored cakes are all the rage now, and your lime-green and aqua blue elephant-themed shower shouldn’t miss out on this trend! Marabous has some great tips to share with you on this one.

8) As every detail is important, some party decorations that are just as good as party favors can be used. Try these lime green jelly beans via Baby Lifestyles and add a touch of color to the occasion.


  1. OMG, I want to do a baby shower!!! those graham cracker boxes are sooo cute! I get such a kick out of the gender reveal parties too!


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