Bumble Bee Theme Baby Shower Feature: Rustic White Photography

A baby shower is always such a joyous occasion! So styling one in a sunny palette of yellow and white couldn’t be more perfect. And for sheer sweetness and style, we found the most gorgeous inspiration in this bumble bee-themed baby shower featured on Rustic White Photography. This heartwarming celebration was hosted in the Georgia home of mom-to-be Brittany by her dear friend Kristin—an ideal backdrop for all the adorable bumble bee party details!

A Warm Georgia Welcome!

Bumble Bee Yellow Baby Shower Decor

As the shower pictures take us through the lovely gathering, we immediately feel the cheery, welcoming atmosphere of this sunshine-filled home. Party details we love are a darling heart-shaped twig wreath, a sweet cake table and mantel display, guest tables laid with yellow gingham table cloths with yellow ‘beehive’ lanterns overhead, and a gift table piled high with baby presents. Oh, and the delightful shower invitations were printed on eco-friendly plantable seed paper!

The Party Scene Buzzing with Bee Details!

Bee themed sweets and cake table from Rustic White Photography

Getting up close to the details, that’s when all the creative bee elements can be spotted! There, they are buzzing around the white frosted cake, the nursery blocks spelling out baby Hadley’s name, and the gorgeous yellow and white flower arrangements. And where there are bees, there must be honey! So how perfect are the honeycomb cookies and jars of golden honey as delicious favors. But most adorable of all are those custom-made onesies, each with a variation on the yellow, black and white bee theme!

A Yummy Spread of Southern Snacks

Baby shower food and drinks from Rustic White Photography

Of course, the famed Southern hospitality always includes a scrumptious party menu. So we spy vegetable-stick ‘shooters’; nibbles of fresh strawberries, grapes, and assorted cheeses; plus the traditional spicy cheese pimiento served on toasted corn bread croutons! And for a refreshing drink, a dispenser of white sangria stood ready for guests to serve themselves.

For a full appreciation of this wonderful baby shower, you must visit the post itself. You’ll even catch glimpses of the beautiful Brittany and Kristin, and proud dad-to-be Jay! Thank you to Rustic White Photography for sharing all the bumble bee cuteness!


  1. I am a photographer out of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.I am in love with photography! I have always been “that person” with a camera attached to me at all times, ever since I was a little girl for as long as I can remember. Now I want to share my love and passion with others and make them feel special and beautiful.

  2. Love the brightness and cheeriness of it all!

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