Little Cowboy Baby Shower (Part 1): Dessert Table and Welcome Display

Cowboy dessert table baby shower

Giddyup! It’s time to round up the posse for a “Little Cowboy” Baby Shower—featuring a Wild West-worthy dessert table and welcome display! While most baby showers tend to be decked out in soft pastel colors and cutesy details (which we do love, too!), this one is surely different. The expected young ’un and his mom are feted in true rustic ranch style, with decor using cowboy hats, bandanas, rope, hay bales, and even some ponies. More on all those in upcoming posts. But let’s get started with the dessert table and welcome display!

Little Cowboy Baby Shower Styled Shoot by Bellenza. #cowboypartytheme

For the dessert display, we assembled a real rootin’ tootin’ backdrop—using old shutters to simulate those saloon swing-doors. Then we traced out the words ‘Baby Shower’ with rope to resemble a lasso, while blue and red cowboy bandanas formed a festive banner! To display the baby shower treats, we arranged rustic stands and containers (seen close up below) on a red gingham table cloth, and lined them with more bandanas!

Little Cowboy Baby Shower Styled Shoot Dessert Table. #cowboypartytheme

One of our fave details from this dessert table is this wooden wheelbarrow! We piled on a bunch of hay for that quaint country look. But you could also use it to hold a bucket of sunflowers, a bunch of mini cowboy hats, or roasted corn on skewers! And of course, notice how we gave the “Little Cowboy” shower cake a place of honor atop an overturned wooden barrel!

Cowboy Baby Shower Styled Shoot by Bellenza. Wheelbarrow display on a dessert table.

Planning to give some homemade goodies as favors—like cookies, granola bars, mini jars of jam? Or fresh farm fruits like crisp red apples? Why not incorporate them in the dessert table, bundled up in blue bandanas and piled into a wooden crate? Then, guests can each take a bundle as they leave.

Cowboy dessert table baby shower favors. Styled by Bellenza. #cowboypartyfavors

How clever are these stylized decorative ponies made from ordinary sawhorses! Don’t you just love their mophead ‘manes,’ bright neckerchiefs, and fun floppy hats? You could use these as stands for party signs like “This Way to the Ranch,” “Cowboy Grub,” or “Watering Hole.” Or just have them standing by looking cute!

Pony stick heads as part of a Cowboy dessert table baby shower!

For an eye-catching welcome sign, we simply printed out a DIY poster featuring bandana graphics. Then, we assembled a bunch of adorable ‘stick ponies’ to greet arriving guests. These would make darling nursery toys once the ‘little cowboy’ is born. Or the shower guests (probably young moms themselves) could take these home as surprise gifts for their own toddlers!

Coming soon! A tutorial post so you can make these toy ponies yourselves.

A Cowboy party styled short welcome sign. A styled shoot by Bellenza.

Other clever decorative touches you can keep in mind. Use rope to cover available boxes, cans, and the like, and transform them into perfect ranch-style props and pedestals! Set out hurricane lamps and metal lanterns for that country vibe. And woven baskets and tin buckets to hold food or flowers. A pair of cowboy boots…

Oh, wait! The boots are in an upcoming post on our “Little Cowboy” table settings. Watch out for it!

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