How to Plan a Fun Taco-themed Baby Shower Fiesta

Is it because Cinco de Mayo is coming up? Or you’re just crazy about the colors and cuisine of a Mexican fiesta? Whatever the reason, a Baby Shower with a Taco Theme has got to be one of the most festive ways to fête a dear mom-to-be! It’s your chance to pull together your fave Mexican party elements. Think papel picado bunting, sombreros, serape table covers, and of course Mexican staples like burritos, tortillas, nachos and dips, and the star of this occasion, a taco bar!

See the ideas and inspiration we’ve got to plan a super colorful and flavor-filled gathering you’ll be proud to host. (*this post contains affiliate links)

Taco Bout a Baby Shower Ideas

Taco Themed Baby Shower Decorations

Send the word out early with colorful Taco Shower Fiesta invitations (1 – via Amazon), and get guests excited for the super festive fiesta scene you’ll be preparing for the shower.

Taking center stage, set up a fiesta buffet decorated with vibrant Mexican trimmings (2 – from Lemon Thistle) and display an enticing selection of tortillas with traditional dips and fillings in colorful containers (6 – from The Sweet Sensations). You could add popular food stations, too, like a nacho bar or a churros bar. Both Mexican favorites!

Alongside have an array of refreshing beverages on a drinks station (3 – from Crissy’s Crafts) offering nonalcoholic drinks like Jarritos soda, virgin margaritas, and agua fresca. And of course, prepare a baby shower cake (4 – from Cafe Pierrot) decorated in gorgeous Mexican-inspired style, too!

For the party tablescapes (5 – from Bellenza), plan an explosion of color as well. Grab your brightest table linens, painted plates and serveware, and mini piñatas as a DIY centerpiece.

Then, to mark the occasion with souvenir snapshots, set up a Mexican-themed photo backdrop (8 – via Amazon). And as sweet shower favors, order or bake adorable Mexican fiesta cookies (7 – Hayley Cakes and Cookies), and present them in woven heart boxes.

Clearly, it would be hard to beat a taco-themed baby shower for fiesta-level fun!

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