Creative Drive-by Birthday Parade Decorations for Your Car to Lawn: It’s a Surprise!

When you have to create a birthday surprise when in quarantine, then decorating your car is just the thing to get you inspired especially if you are planning a drive-by birthday greeting for a special friend or family member. Put on your creative hat and let’s decorate your car. Check out these festive ideas as your first point of inspiration!

Tips for decorating your car:

Use color and size as your main approach for standing out. Think of such elements as pool noodles, balloons, Christmas lights, oversized-inflatables, large stuffed animals like teddy bears, and tons of streamers. You can always invent something original as well using everything from paper banners to lawn signs. There are even car decoration float kits that are pre-packaged and ready to go on your car. You can even dress up in costumes that match your car, if you are feeling extra creative!

How to decorate your lawn for a drive-by birthday parade

Place oversized letters spelling out your message such as “honk, it’s my birthday!”

Image via Yard Announcements

Image via Yard Announcements

  1. Add colorful balloons (oversized ones are even better) to make the scene look festive and memorable. Inflatables are also great!
  2. Have a gift drop-off table set up by your curbside, which can be further decorated to your own liking.
  3. Incorporate a fun theme into the decor of your lawn such as rainbows, unicorns, or llamas.
  4. Have a large tray or table assembled with gift bags or favors wrapped in bright packaging so they are easy to spot!
  5. Play some upbeat birthday tunes, but be sure to get your neighbors’ approval.
  6. Leave pre-cut slices of birthday cake placed in cake boxes for each oncoming car to take home. This can be placed on a separate table by the curb.
  7. Place large yard signs with a personalized message.
  8. If the parade is near sunset time, add twinkling Christmas lights for an extra special look!

Here are 5 cool and creative drive-by birthday car decorations:

How to Decorate Your Car for a Drive-by Birthday Surprise Parade!

  1. Car Decorating Kit via Parade Float Supplies Now
  2. Car Décor with Balloons via Oriental Trading
  3. Image via Pinterest
  4. Image via Pinterest
  5. Car Decorations via Party City Canada

Drive-by Birthday Party Favors

Thank greeters with something special! Put together a goodie bag or select one of these favor ideas:

  1. Give mini bottles of wine or champagne wrapped in bright packaging via Bellenza SHOP.
  2. Present a pink box of chocolate pretzels in a reusable woven gift box with a lid via Bellenza SHOP.
  3. Write a thoughtful "thank you" message tucked into a mini picture frame. Display it in an organza gift bag via Bellenza SHOP  that can be re-used.
  4. Who wouldn’t want donuts? Present your favorite doughnut in these cute donut boxes (via Amazon) decorated with sugar sprinkles.
  5. Convenient and cool! These hand sani hand gels (via Amazon) will surely be a hit as we all try to keep our hands clean.
  6. Even if we are all keeping our distance, chocolate always unites us in some way! These quarantine-style candy wrappers (via Amazon) should please anyone.
  7. Do remember that these decorating ideas may also apply to making a drive-by for a wedding anniversary, baby or bridal shower, or graduation!


  1. Love these ideas! My granbaby is so excited for the weekend. She’ll have her first parade this Saturday
    and that’s all she has talked about!

  2. Thank you for the great ideas

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