A Football Theme Goes Fab for a 40th Birthday Party!

Who says a Football-themed Birthday Party has to be just “for the guys”? (Meaning, the gents won’t notice if nothing matches anyway!) Especially for a milestone occasion like the Big 4-0, why not make it extra special with a stylish, pulled-together look? Even the party menu can go beyond the usual burgers and beer—so there’s something for the lady guests, too. In fact, this entire setting could be planned for a lady’s 40th birthday with a unique football theme!

Decor & Party Fare Ideas for a Stylish Football Theme

Whether for a gent or a lady celebrant, the basic rules of party decorating will always apply. Rule #1 – Keep within your chosen palette. Rule #2 – Stay focused on your theme.

Stylish decorating ideas for a football themed 40th birthday.

So in these finds we’ve put together to inspire you, notice how we kept our color scheme of green and gold throughout. From the pennant-style bunting (1) to the glitter ribbon garland (5), and the gold cutout cake topper (4).

For the football motif, there are the obvious icons like the football-shaped cake (2) and the “football font” invitations (6). But there’s the surprise element of a birthday sign hanging from a gold candelabra (3). You could probably think of more unique touches like that!

Image credits:
1 – Pennant bunting – Party Wagon / 2 – Football cake – Ideas Evite / 3 – Happy birthday sign – Hope Farm Co. (etsy) / 4 – “Forty” cake topper – Ladada Designs (etsy) / 5 – Glitter ribbon garland – Anastasia Marie Cards / 6 – Invitations – Pink Peppermint Paper

Stylish food and drinks for a football themed 40th birthday.

For the party fare, you can always serve the expected burgers. But we suggest fancying them up for the occasion, as in these recipes we featured here. Then for a bit of stylish flair, add Margherita Flatbread Pizza (1), Breaded Cheesy Ravioli Marinara (2), and Classic Pasta Salad (3). All easy to make and handy to serve!

Finally, for the party drinks, keep the usual beer company with fall-inspired concoctions like Bourbon Apple Sangria (4) or any of these cocktails here.

Image and recipe credits:
1 – Pizza – Let the Baking Begin / 2 – Ravioli – Delallo / 3 – Classic pasta salad – Macaroni and Cheesecake / 4 – Bourbon apple sangria – Climbing Grier Mountain

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