A ‘Girly Gecko’ Beach Birthday Party by Bella Grace Party Designs

Who’d have thought that lizards—the gecko kind—could be the theme for a 2 year-old’s birthday party! That’s precisely why we couldn’t resist featuring this unique ‘Girly Gecko’ inspiration from Bella Grace Party Designs. Plus the fact that the beach party venue and the bright color palette are perfectly timed for this summer season! Shall we scurry on over, then, and take a peek at the lovely lizard-y details?

Just Look at all the Colorful Details!

Leapin Lizards Birthday Feature

This adorable beach outing was for a real occasion, the 2nd birthday of the daughter of Bella Grace Party Designs’ owner, Lindsey. Lucky little one! Her mom took the birthday girl’s love for lizards and created an entire party theme around it. And seeing the amazing details that Lindsey came up with, we actually found the creeping critters pretty cute after all!

  • Palette of aqua, chartreuse, and fuchsia – Beach parties tend to play up the primary colors. So we love how this trio lends a chic spin to the party look, while still being young and fresh for a toddler’s event. Plus, the usual gecko green gets a style update and blends right in!
  • Girly gecko graphic – Thanks to the talented Jessica of Pen N’ Paper Flowers (a site we love, too), a simple lizard silhouette in these girly colors ties the whole look together—from the labels for the lotion tubes and the water bottles, to the cutouts on the take-out containers, to the tags for the towels and the treat bags.
  • Themed treats – Yes, even the desserts and sweets kept to the motif! How adorable are those lizard-shaped iced cookies by Lori’s Place Gourmet Delights? And the candy kabobs by Sweets Indeed featuring ‘gummy lizards,’ plus those gecko toppers on the cupcakes?

Talk about attention to detail, right? And if you visit the full post on this party, you’ll even see the darling birthday girl in a hair bow with a lizard accent, and wading in the shallows with a giant (but very cute) inflatable lizard!

Regrettably, Lindsey seems to have retired from blogging. But her charmingly styled parties are still around as a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration—just like this one.

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