Decorations for a Painting-themed Birthday Party

A painting-themed children’s party practically decorates itself. You’ll see what we mean in the ideas below from our Painting Party set. Just take arts and crafts supplies, recycled items, even food and flowers—jazz them up in the brightest colors, then tie them into the theme with cute and clever painting references. Such fun for the kiddie guests at this artsy occasion!

Decorating Ideas for a Painting-themed Party

Bring painterly pizzazz to a kiddie birthday bash with creative inspiration that you can take for decorating your own painting-themed or art-inspired party.

Welcome, Little Painters!

The party entryway doubles up as a costume station. As the party guests arrive, they are greeted by a clothesline holding brightly colored painting aprons in orange, yellow, blue, green, red, and purple that are personalized with their names!

Colorful painting aprons in orange, yellow, blue, green, red, and purple.

Balloon Wreath Sign

A DIY wreath crafted with balloons makes another bold and bright color statement, as it frames a festive party sign. See our DIY balloon wreath  tutorial.

A DIY wreath made of balloons in blue, red, orange, yellow, white, and green.

Activity Table Sign

More splashes of color (literally) make their mark throughout the party decor—in this case, an activity table sign inviting each guest to “grab a painter’s cap” to get ready for some artistic fun!

An activity table sign for a painting activity station.

A Painterly Party Dessert and Drinks Buffet

Even the party dessert and drinks table gets in on the art-themed fun. Note the rainbow-tiered birthday cake, dispensers of multi-colored juices (e.g., flavors of strawberry red, pineapple yellow, blue punch, orange, grape, and lemon) in clear beverage dispensers with stands, fruit skewers, mini loot bags with paint splat labels, whirly-pops and frosted cupcakes, milk bottles with psychedelic colored labels, art aprons as a backdrop, and painter’s berets perched on balloons!

A festive and colorful party buffet table for an art or painting party.

An Art Supplies’ Tablescape with Colorful Table Elements

Centerpieces combine flowers and paintbrushes in paper-wrapped cans (see our how-to for making these centerpieces), while menu cards sit on miniature easels, and sets of watercolors tied with hot pink polka dot ribbons are ready as party favors! Guest place settings are equally colorful with simple blue paper plates and utensils encased with a rainbow colored band contrasted against bright yellow paper napkins.

Art Supplies as Table Elements

Vibrant Labels, Cards and Tags

There’s no stopping the colors. They pop up all over and pull the party look together—via food and beverage labels, fun signs, menu cards, hang tags, even “splats” of paint! Here, fruit punches like strawberry juice in beverage dispensers are labeled with colorful labels printed with paint splats.

Fruit punches like strawberry juice in beverage dispensers.

Colorful-wrapped Party Favors

Finally, a colorful array of sweets like jelly beans, gummy bears, M&M’s and the like are bundled up in wraps of different colors to be taken home as more party favors!

Candy wraps for guests are filled with colorful candies.

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