Winter Olympics Themed Birthday: Winning Ideas for Decor to Food to Favors

Here we go, starry-eyed winter sports fans! For those of you with a birthday this February, what better party inspiration could you have than a Winter Olympics theme? You may be an avid ice skater, hockey player, or snowboarder or are just in awe watching those winter sports athletes doing their amazing feats. Whichever you may be, this theme is fascinating and loads of fun to pull together for a pre-teen or teenage birthday party!

Take a look at the bright, colorful decorating ideas we’ve gathered and the creative food and treats. All inspired by the huge international Winter Olympic Games held every 4 years! You’ll be all set to go “dashing (or is it spinning and slaloming?) through the snow” for one of the coolest party themes of the season! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Party Decorations, Food to Favors for a Winter Olympics Theme

Such creative and colorful inspiration we found for you, thanks to party-planning parents and great online suppliers! (See the source links in the last section.)

Winter Olympics themed birthday ideas from cake to favors.

“Let the games begin” with a fun Olympics ticket-style birthday party invitation (1), so guests can get their gear ready for the games and their tummies ready for the treats!

Up the excitement even more as soon as guests arrive with Winter Olympics-themed table settings (2) all ready to welcome them—with a runner of country flags, plus medal accents on each plate.

And speaking of treats, surprise the celebrant with a home baked birthday cake (3) decorated with the iconic Olympic rings and winter sports gear. Plus a snacks station (4) laid out to mimic the colored rings, too, and the cutest DIY gold medal cookies (5) topped with candies.

Gotta capture the winning moments, right? Make it extra-fun with a selection of winter sports photo stick props (6) for guests to pose with. Then, thank everyone for coming with a special party favor: a book on the Winter Olympic Games (7) written for pre-teen readers! How neat is that?

Source links:
1 – Invitation from Purple Trail / 2 – Table setting from Dolled Up Design / 3 – Cake from Sew Lah Tea Dough / 4 – Snacks station from Mulch and Paint / 5 – Cookies from Mum in the Madhouse / 6 – Photo Stick Props from Amazon / 7 – Book from Amazon

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