Cool Ideas for a Snowboarding-themed Pre-teen Birthday Party

Pre-teen boys are notoriously challenging to plan events for! But if you’ve got a young man marking a birthday this winter, a snowboarding theme for his party is sure to pass the “coolness test”! To help you zip right through the slalom course of party prep, here are our suggestions for really rad decorations, supplies, food, and activities – from party, recipe and affiliate sites we love. (*this post contains affiliate links)

Party Product Picks and Recipes for a Snowboarding Theme

Of course, all this presumes you are living in a snowy location where the young people are into outdoor winter sports. Beyond that, allow us to guide you through how to pull this party together.

Snowboarding themed birthday party for winter

Invitation and Decorations

Make sure the date is marked off by your son’s guests, by sending an exciting Snowboarding Party invite (1) way ahead!

Then, keep the hype up at the party venue with trendy snowboarding signs as wall and door decorations – like this Snowboarding Zone tin sign (2) and this Snowboarder Crossing sign (3). And for an attention-grabbing backdrop, think Ski Sport Canvas Wall Art (4) that comes as ready-to-display decals. After the party, this would make amazing room decor for the birthday celebrant!

Party Food and Treats for Hungry Snowboarders

Remember, these are pre-teeners you’ll be feeding. So prepare a simple but flavorful party menu that will score high on their “yum meter”! Fill them up with a Fritos™ Chili Pie Bake (5), that’s taco-seasoned ground beef and a saucy pinto bean mix, topped with Fritos™ corn chips.

Thrill the birthday boy with a whimsical snowboarder cake (6) that features “him” hitting the snowy slopes.

Then, to keep the guests’ energy up (as though you’ll need to!), offer up winter-inspired Peppermint Bars (7) that are actually fudgy brownies layered with peppermint filling and a rich chocolate glaze. Then, send each youngster home with a pack of these goodies as party favors!


1 – Invitation – McBooboo’s, via Zazzle

2 – “Snowboarding Zone” sign – Ships from and sold by PosterRevolution, via Amazon

3 – “Snowboarder Crossing” sign – via Amazon

4 – Wall art – Ships from and sold by Live Art Decor, via Amazon

5 – Fritos™ Chili Pie Bake – Pilsbury

6 – Cake – The Quirky Cake Society

7 – Peppermint bars – McCormick

Snowboarding-inspired Party Activities and Games

Depending on the weather conditions, you could prepare either indoor or outdoor activities – or a mix of both – to keep the young guests entertained. Here are some fun ideas to consider.

Snowboard Party Activities

For indoors, you could offer up a variety of activities and let guests choose what interests them. Some may want to play video games, like Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder – PlayStation 2 (1), or the Monopoly, Snowboarding Edition (2) – how cool is that?

If some of your son’s friends can bring along their own boards to the party, you can organize a Decorate Your Board activity using paper cutouts and decals. While others may choose to view snowboarding competitions on video.

If the snow outside is perfect for some actual boarding, have the older guests do their thing on their own board. While for the younger ones, why not have a set of multi-colored Spooner Boards (3) on hand so they can try “beginner snowboarding”! Finally, let the kids enjoy a fun snowboarding movie (4)!


1 – PlayStation game – Sold by Media Supplies Outlet and Fulfilled by Amazon

2 – Monopoly, Snowboarding edition – via Amazon

3 – Spooner Boards Freestyle – Ships from and sold by

4 – Cloud 9 Movie DVD – via Amazon

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