Glamorous Holiday Gift Packaging in Pretty Purple and Fuchsia!

Want a wow factor for your gift packaging this Christmas? Go for trendy jewel tones like purple, plum, and fuchsia! The effect will be both elegant and chic—especially with touches of gold and glitter, and tiny holiday trinkets. Feast your eyes on the inspiration we found for gorgeous gifting. Your presents are sure to be standouts amidst all the traditional red and green of the season!

Think Glamorous Gift Wrapping with a Pop of Color!

Unique holiday wrapping with jewel tones

These ideas are all absolutely fabulous, don’t you agree? But beyond the striking colors, we took a closer look at the little details that add that extra special something, so we could share them as gift wrapping tips here.

1 – Tags with a ‘twist’ – Cracker-inspired gift rolls are perfectly in theme for the holidays. But see how just setting the gift labels at an angle, as seen via, creates a hint of style so simply!

2 – Pop of purple against gold and white – Surprise! This is actually a journal from Anthropologie* (found via Pinterest). But what chic packaging inspiration it makes, right? Gold and white wrap, with a purple accent. Love it!

3 – Trim with unusual colors – Since purple and fuchsia are already a surprise choice for the holidays, why not go further with ribbons, tags, and trims in unexpected colors, too? Consider chocolate, taupe, and matte metallics, as we found via Paper Crave. Very hip!

4 – Same colors, varied patterns – If you’re the type who likes to give ‘composite’ presents (sets of related gift items), then this trick of using multi-pattern wraps can be really pretty! This pic is attributed to BHG (via Pinterest), where you can find tons of great ideas.

5 – Print your own wrap – Wishing you could find unique wrapper designs? Well, thanks to Lia Griffith (love her creativity!), you can actually print your own. This striking pattern is just one among her plum and gold gift wrap FREE printable collection!

6 – Sparkly stuff – Don’t knock all that ‘sparkly stuff’ that goes on sale after the holidays. If they’re good enough for designer Margot Madison to trim her gifts with, they’re certainly good enough for us all. Gives an eye-catching finish to this silver and fuchsia package, doesn’t it?

7 – Layers and leaves – The focus of this find is actually the pink chevron gift tag, from etsy shop Paiges of Style. But we also like the idea of layering gifts in contrasting wraps, and then tying on a striking accent like a gilded leaf (real or faux).

Aren’t you itching to start your holiday wrapping now? Remember this jewel-toned inspiration when you shop for supplies!


  1. Love the “tags with a twist” – so clever and pretty!

    • Thanks, Kim! Lovely, isn’t it!

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