Trending Treats: Vintage Ice Cream Carts for Birthdays!

If you want to bring an air of whimsy and nostalgia to your birthday party, here’s an event trend to consider: vintage ice cream carts! We’ve been seeing quite a few of these charming little treats-on-wheels at parties, corporate events, and birthdays. And what a delightful surprise they are for guests who get to take their pick from the flavors offered. Not to mention, the quaint carts themselves make an eye-catching addition to your birthday party decor!

The ice cream cart options available are quite varied, and all so charming! So you can choose which look to go with to suit your theme. And of course, check what’s available from the rental suppliers in your vicinity.

Ice cream carts with a vintage flair as curated by Bellenza.

Much of the carts’ appeal is due to their being ‘on wheels’—whether pulled along behind another vehicle or pedaled in on a bicycle or three-wheeler. So you can easily position them as you wish at the venue, or have the supplier make a grand entrance just in time for dessert!

The different looks of the carts are another wonderful plus factor! Are you going for a country garden effect, a vintage carnival vibe, an Italian gelateria look, or your friendly neighborhood ice cream stand? Most have cheery built-in umbrellas or canopies. Some are painted in festive stripes, trimmed with bunting, sporting old-style quips and quotes, or accompanied by chalkboard menu signs. The servers can even come dressed for the role, complete with aprons and maybe even a jaunty straw hat!

Vintage ice cream carts for summer birthdays!

Convinced that an ice cream cart should now be on your upcoming birthday must-have list? We knew you would be. Enjoy!

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  1. Where are you located? I’d like to rent an ice cream cart for Sept 3. In Warren, Connecticut,

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