Unique “Trick or Treat” Halloween Party Invitations: Buy, DIY or Send Online

Why send out invites to a seasonal event, like Halloween? Well our answer to that would be, “Why not!” That little attention to detail gets the hype going, promising guests a gathering that’s sure to be frightfully fun or perhaps cute and candy-filled. And as we discovered, the traditional Halloween theme “Trick or Treat” can be spun several ways when it comes to party invitations. Are you thinking modern with spooky-cute graphics? Maybe a creepy vintage vibe? Or the ease of printables and super-convenient digital invitations? We’ve found great options for all these. Take your pick and click away on the links—whether to buy, DIY or send online!

“Trick or Treat” Halloween Party Invites: Modern + Spooky Cute

Black backgrounds and bold, colorful graphics create a hip and playful party look!


1 – Tricky Sweet: Black Halloween Party Invitations – from Tiny Prints
2 – Scary Sweets: Pumpkin Halloween Party Invitations – from Tiny Prints
3 – Grim Treats: Black Halloween Party Invitations – from Tiny Prints
4 – Candy Stash: Black Halloween Party Invitations – from Tiny Prints

“Trick or Treat” Halloween Party Invites: Vintage Style

Prefer creepy to cutesy? Select from invites with vintage designs that do have a more haunting feel!


1 – Vintage Witch Pumpkin Card – from Zazzle
2 – Cool Retro Halloween Fun Grunge Party Invitation – from Zazzle
3 – Vintage Trick or Treat Witch and Haunted House Card – from Zazzle
4 – Vintage Black Cat Halloween Party Invitation – from Zazzle

“Trick or Treat” Halloween Party Invites: Fill-in the Blank

For a super easy option, try fill-in type invites. Convenient, versatile and affordable!


1 – Trick or Treat Halloween Party Invitations – on Amazon
2 – Trick or Treat Printable Invitations – on Amazon
3 – Mummy Trick Or Treating Halloween Party Invitation – from Purple Trail
4 – Trick or Treat Invitations – on Amazon

“Trick or Treat” Halloween Party Invites: Digital


Consider the ultra convenience of premium digital invitations that you can create, send and manage—completely online!

1 – Trick or Treat – from Evite
2 – No Tricks Just Treats – from Evite
3 – A Trick or Treating Extravaganza – from Evite
4 – Trick or Treat Candy Invite – from Evite

“Trick or Treat” Halloween Party Invites: Printable

Customize basic invitation templates with your choice of colors, fonts and additional Halloween icons, if you wish!


1 – Trick or Treat Halloween Card (editable template) – from Canva

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