What’s the Scoop? Ice Cream-themed Gender Reveal Baby Shower Ideas!

Summertime baby showers need a chill theme to beat the heat! And with gender reveal showers being such a hit in recent years, we’ve gathered the perfect cool-down ideas for sharing the sweet news: “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” Do it with an ice cream theme!

You’ll get to decorate in the cutest pink and blue palette. Have an ice cream cart or scooping station for guests to enjoy. Prepare creative ice cream inspired favors. And finally, use frozen treats themselves to make the Big Reveal! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Ice Cream Inspiration for a Gender Reveal Baby Shower

These ideas couldn’t be sweeter for celebrating an expected little one—whether boy or girl. So scoop away!

From cakes to favors, gender reveal ice cream party ideas

Decoration Ideas

Get guests started guessing the baby’s gender by sending out this Ice Cream Stack Gender Reveal Baby Shower Invitation (1) from Purple Trail.

For the shower decorations, you could go with an instant-impact option, like this Ice Cream Gender Reveal Backdrop (2) from the Mocsicka Store via Amazon. A fun design printed on lightweight, easy to mount vinyl. Or if you’ve got crazy crafting skills, why not build a larger-than-lifesize DIY ice cream cone (3), as found on Superior Celebrations, for your welcome display?

Treats and Activity Ideas

With this theme, treats that look like ice cream are perfect as both menu items and gender-reveal activities, too!

Imagine an ice cream cone scooping station (4), like this from Joy Cone, that lets guests make their gender guesses by choosing from pink or blue colored cones or tinted ice cream.

Then, come reveal time, you can bring out an adorable gender reveal ice cream cake (5)—thanks to Rosanna Pansino’s recipe—and slice it to reveal which guests’ bets were spot on!

Another way could be via ice cream cone cake pops (6)—recipe courtesy of The DIY Lighthouse. Make these ahead with either pink- or blue-tinted cake mix inside a melted white chocolate coating, topped on sugar cones. Once guests bite into them, they’ll know the scoop! 

Finally, to double as shower favors, we love this easy idea from Juneberry Lane (now The Juneberry Life). Simply assemble gender reveal surprises in ice cream tubs (7) to be opened as “gender announcements” at the shower—then enjoyed as take-home treats.

We know! Cuteness and sweetness overload, right? But ice cream is one baby shower theme everyone will find irresistible during the sunny summer months. So, indulge!