5 Cool Ways to Reinvent Halloween Desserts with Candy Corn!

Just like witches and haunted houses, nothing screams Halloween like candy corn. It satisfies every little kid’s sweet tooth and an estimated 2 billion kernels of this Halloween-hued candy are sold each year. But did you know that this popular yellow, orange and white confection is no longer limited to just being a candy? Here we showcase five creative ways to infuse candy corn into delicious desserts just in time for your Halloween soiree!


1. Chocolate Candy Corn Truffles – Truffles always make for a special, yummy dessert, but add some candy corn and you’re in for an entirely different treat! The bitterness of the dark chocolate balances the saccharinity of the candy corn. Check out the recipe from Sunset here.

2. Slithering Cupcake Snake – Make your cupcakes even more eye-catching than usual by topping them with candy corn ‘scales’ for that ‘slithering snake’ effect.  It’s going to be such fun lining up the cupcakes and pouring on the candy corn with the kids! The recipe is courtesy of Lando Lakes here.

3. Halloween Candy Corn Cookie Bark – For an easy, no-bake treat, go for this Candy Corn Cookie Bark! Believe us when we say that the combination of salty and sweet is blissful in this delicious Halloween treat. You can even kick it up a notch by adding Candy Corn Oreos! Get the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything here.

4. Fall-Tastic Cookie Pizza – What could be better than pizza? A cookie pizza, of course! If you’re feeling a little ambitious, go for this dressed to impress Fall-tastic Cookie Pizza topped with Candy Corn. To serve, slice it as you would a regular pizza, then see guests enjoy the added decadent twist of the candy corn! The recipe from A Thrifty Mom is available here.

5. Candy Corn Krispies – These Candy Corn Krispie treats are not only deliciously chewy, they’re also extremely easy to make! These festive sweets combine two of Halloween’s must-haves: candy corn and munchies. So, delight guests with this unexpected mix of flavors and textures served on brightly-colored pastry stands. Sure to be a big hit at your party! Paula Deen’s recipe is right here.

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