How to Host a Wine and Chocolate Tasting Party for Valentine’s Day

Not everyone may have a romantic dinner date lined up for Valentine’s Day. But there’s no need to sit around and mope. Not when you and your besties can have a fun get-together that’s just as love-filled, a Wine and Chocolate Tasting Party! You can host this for neighbor-couples, work colleagues, or even for a bride-to-be having her bridal shower in February.

Worried that pulling off this party with the right wine-chocolate pairings is beyond you? Read on for helpful tips from expert sources we found. Plus we’ve added our own suggestions for decorating the party venue and setting up the tasting table!

What Chocolates and Wines to Pair

Wine and Chocolate Tasting Party for Valentine’s Day

A great starting point is this guide we discovered via the Ghirardelli site. It showcases 3 Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate varieties and the wines that go deliciously with each one. Their 72% Cacao bar pairs well with fruit-forward wines and sparkling rosé; their Cherry chocolate bar is ideal with semi-seco rosado Cava and sparkling wines; while their 86% Cacao bar combines perfectly with ruby port and big red wines.

Party Table Setup and Decor

Nothing complicated here! Simply select a comfy and cozy area in your home where you can gather around a coffee table or kitchen counter or out on a patio or garden deck. Seating can range from a sofa and easy chairs, to kitchen bar stools, to ottomans, bean bags and floor pillows.

Wine Party Table Setup and Decor

Arrange the wine bottles and wine tasting glasses, and lay out small platters or trays for the different chocolate samples. You may want to print out labels and comment cards for everyone to note down their impressions and mark their favorite pairings!

And of course, this being a Valentine’s Day party, be sure to have red and heartsy decor touches. From your labels, signs and floral centerpieces, to your party serve ware (see our links to entertaining essentials below)!

Image credits: 1 – Modern Mom Life / 2 – Fashionable Hostess / 3 – Bellenza / 4 – Chocolate and Carrots

Tips for Wine-and-Chocolate Tasting Newbies

To help you make the most of this unique party theme, we pulled together a few great sources that you can refer to.

First of all, what exactly do you DO to savor the wines and chocolates you’ve selected for sampling? Thanks to Chocolate and Carrots, here’s a simple how-to:

  • – First, taste both the chocolate and wine individually.
  • – Next, take another piece of chocolate and let it slowly melt in your mouth.
  • – When the last bit of chocolate is all that remains in your mouth, take a sip of wine. Hold the wine in your mouth, coating your palate.
  • – Finally, notice the complex changes in taste as the wine complements the chocolate flavor. The pairing will intensify and elevate the taste experience.

You may also visit:

World of Lindt – This gives another excellent guide for wine and chocolate tasting.

Wines That Tend to Pair Well with Chocolate – From The Wine Etiquette Guide: Your Defense Against Wine Snobbery, by Chuck Blethen.

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