Pack the Perfect Spanish Picnic: Food, Wine and Picnic Essentials

Hurry! Before summer slips away, you must plan a delightful outdoor event or two (or more!) with family and friends. And what could be more perfect than a picnic? So we’re kicking off our next exciting series, focusing on picnics inspired by the cuisine and culture of different countries. Guess what’s up first? A Spanish-style picnic with all the luscious flavors and goodies that Spain is famous for! See what we suggest to fill your picnic basket. Then, it’s time to get packing!

Fill Your Picnic Basket with these Specialties of Spain!

Start with a lovely, roomy wood basket with liner (1), and be prepared for handy outdoor serving with a bamboo cheeseboard-and-knives set (2).

A Spanish-style picnic with all the luscious flavors and goodies that Spain is famous for!

Then pack in these delicious, must-have food products—from cheese to cured meats to sardines to turrones (nougat) to gourmet truffle potato chips to rosé wine—that promise flavors of Spain in every bite and sip!

Oh, and how fun would it be to have everyone play a picnic game of Spanish Scrabble (10). After enjoying such superb treats from Spain, you just may find yourselves fluent enough to piece together some winning words!

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1 – Wood Basket with LinerFood 52
2 – Bamboo Cheese Fruit Board and Tools Set (5 Pieces) by JuvaleAmazon
3 – Finca Pascualete Retorta Cheese (2-Pack) – Food 52
4 – El Almendro Crunchy Almond TurronAmazon
5 – Fermin Iberico Dry Cured Pork LoinAmazon
6 – Bela Smoked Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Set of 6 – World Market
7 – Espelt Corali Rosé 2015 from
8 – Artisan Tapas Crackers from La TiendaAmazon
9 – Snackgold Black Truffle Gourmet Potato Chips (product of Spain)Amazon
10 – Spanish Scrabble Gameboard by HasbroAmazon

And of course, what could be a more refreshing Spanish drink to tote along on your picnic than Sangria! See our post on 12 Luscious Sangria Recipes. Plus, see other lovely ways to enjoy Spain’s fabulous flavors and styling in our post on a Tapas Party!


  1. There are lots of really great ideas here for the perfect Spanish picnic. I hope that after the wine, I can still remember my high school Spanish in order to play scrabble.

    • Lol! Hi Mary! Yup. That could get tricky 🙂 It’s always the wine!

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