Potluck Party Ideas for Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month (between September 15 to October 15) will be coming up real soon! But don’t just celebrate this month with tacos and tequilas. Why not put a culinary twist to it that is both unique and interesting with a potluck party! Make this party a rich cultural experience short of actually visiting a Latin American country like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and other places. This is why a potluck party is the best way to plan this celebration!

Potluck Party Menu Ideas National Hispanic Heritage Month

For a potluck party menu, it is best to designate dishes like the main courses, side dishes, desserts, and drinks by the last name of each family on your guest list. Once this has been determined and guests have made their dish suggestion, then you will have a better idea of what party supplies and decor will be necessary. Here are a few of our favorite menu ideas to get you started:

Potluck Party Menu Ideas National Hispanic Heritage Month

1 – Mexican Adobo via BJ’s Wholesale Club
2 – Cuban style (Picadillo) via No Recipes
3 – Brazilian Christmas Rice from Recipela
4 – Puerto Rican Pincho via Caribbean Trading
5 – Pepián Rojo con Camarones from REVUE

For desserts, there is definitely no shortage of yummy ideas. Here are just a few of our favorite choices: Mexican fried ice cream, Cuban flan, Brazilian brigadeiros, Puerto Rican tostones, and Cuban rum cakes.

Make Fiesta-inspired Paper Decorations with a Festive and Colorful Vibe!

For an easy solution to the party décor, follow it up with simple decorations that mimic the theme in a colorful way! Consider paper items that can be bought or made with the kids. Get everyone involved so you don’t have to make everything yourself. Here are some easy party décor DIYs using paper:


1 – Fiesta Flower Bouquets via Aesthetic Nest
2 – Paper Flower Arrangements from eHow
3 – Tissue Paper Fiesta Flowers Tutorial from Val Event Gal
4 – Tissue Paper Flowers from Modern Marie
5 – Table Centerpiece Flowers from Sparkler Parties

How do you plan to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month? We’d love to hear your ideas!


  1. Tostones is not a desert, it is twice-fried pressed green plaintains. A dessert from Puerto Rico can be tembleque a coconut pudding.
    I don’t think the decorations represent all of Latin America or the Hispanic culture. But i guess this is what most people think is Hispanic.

    • Thanks for the insights! We’d love to hear what your suggestions are for decorations and even food. We’re always looking out for people with authentic ideas!

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