18 Gem-themed Party Crafts to Make for Your Next Celebration

Aren’t you loving the fabulous gemstone trend in celebrations these days? It’s one of those versatile decorative motifs that can take on an amazing variety of “looks.” Are you going for a modern, minimalist, geometric, metallic effect? Styling an exotic, jewel-toned table setting? Creating a chic, fashionista vibe or even a playful, pastel-colored scene? The gemstone theme can fit right in! And to prove it, here are 18 gem-inspired party crafts and treats you can make!

DIY Gem-themed Party Decorations and Flair

Gem themed party crafts, decorations, gem balloons, and gem pinatas.

1 – Party crown! What would a party be without a birthday crown for the celebrant? See the DIY from Oriental Trading.

2 – Glitz up your party drinks with glittery gem stirrers like these from Sas + Rose. Such a fun way to bring bling to your beverages.

3 – These hanging gems from Row House Nest resemble cool space-age piñatas, but were used for a wedding! What occasion would you decorate with these?

4 – A gemstone garland made from wood? That’s what we found over at Tell Love Party, where Sara used balsa wood, paints and gold cord for this colorful creation!

5 – Dress up your cake for any occasion with cute and easy DIY gem cake toppers. Thanks to Laurel of A Bubbly Life for the great how-to!

6 – How clever is this transformation of Mylar balloons into floating gemstones—using black washi tape for the outlines! Check out the tutorial at Balloon Time.

Crafty Favor Packaging Inspired by Gems

Gems and jewelled favor packaging with diamond gems tags, gem stickers, gem necklaces, and cyrstal gem boxes

1 – These darling mini box piñatas by A Pair and a Spare were designed for Easter. But they’d make amazing favor packaging for any gem-themed occasion!

2 – Trust Minieco Co. to come up with these playful origami-like paper gems (templates provided). They can start out as fun party decor, then be taken home as treat-filled favors.

3 – Party guests will love such pretty “crystal” favor boxes that look like pastel diamonds! Visit this link of Paper Kawaii for the tutorial.

4 – Cute and creative favor tags, like these diamond-cutout ones courtesy of Eighteen25, can play around with clever wording about gems, gemstones, diamonds and jewels.

5 – No time for fancy packaging? Give any party favor or gift item an instant special look with colorful “precious gem” stickers, like these from Handmade Charlotte.

6 – Make these pretty jewelled princess necklaces using Mod Podgeable shapes, ribbons, glitter, and jumbo gems! Find this fun tutorial on Handmade Happy Hour.

Jewel-like Treats to Serve and Give

Gem-inspired cookies, cake gems, chocolate gems, and geode cupcakes

1 – Capture the gem theme in gorgeous decorated cookies, like these baked up by SemiSweet Designs. Love the ombre pastel icing with gold piped trim!

2 – Bring your cake balls to the next level with these dazzling cake gems made by Sweet Social! Find the recipe on her blog.

3 – Really impress guests with these authentic-looking geode candy cupcakes we found at Kattilac Gems. The geodes are made with crystallized colored sugar and the garnish is crushed hard candies.

4 – Would you believe these gemstone gummies are made from Jell-O? Follow the surprisingly easy tutorial by Chelsey Foy on Swooned Magazine and give these juicy jewels as party favors. The key is to use silicon gem molds!

5 – For a party sweets table as shown on The Swank Social, present a color-coordinated display of assorted candies, pastries and treats. Decorate them with gem toppers and iced designs, and provide take-out packaging trimmed with gemstone accents and favor tags.

6 – Gem favors can be made from melted white chocolate, too! Food coloring provides the desired jewel tones, as shown by Brittni over at Project Wedding.

No excuses, then, not to throw a gem-themed celebration. Choose a couple or more ideas from this post and show off your “jewel crafting” and/or baking skills at your next party!

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